Chapter 2

Filia Ul Copt smiled to herself as she absentmindedly rotated her little china tea cup. She sat at her kitchen table, looking out her window at the soft sunrise as it spred its colors over her garden. The golden dragon sipped her tea quietly, savoring the sweet taste. Her face was calm and relaxed. She looked serene and thoughtful.

Filia reluctantly broke away from the sunrise and turned her attention to the many things she had to do today. So many things to attend to. Sweeping...Dusting...Pottery... And last but, certainly not least, her favorite thing to do each day: gardening. Her little garden was flourishing now that it was spring. But, with spring came spring cleaning.

The dragon girl drank the last of her vanilla jasmine tea and stood up. She brushed off her pale lavender dress and pushed in her chair. Then, Filia turned to go fetch a broom...

Filia wiped her hand across her brow. Spring cleaning was hard work, but when she was finished it would all be worth it. She tucked a stray strand of golden hair behind her ear and continued dusting her room. It was amazing where dust collected...

She looked longingly out the window, down on the little garden calling to her. The sun had fully risen now, and the flowers gazed up at it, basking in the sunlight. Filia sighed contentedly and continued ridding her room of dust balls.

The Ryuuzoku maiden had finally finished her chores. The house was clean and fresh, but Filia was tired and worn-out. But, she was pleased with her handy work. She stood up straight and tilted her head to get a better look at her clean home. She grinned and turned around. Then, Filia bounded up the clean wooden stairs to her room.

She flung open the door and gazed one more time out the window before sitting down in front of her mirror. Filia wrapped her slender fingers around the handle of her ivory brush. She then prodeeded to pull the brush through her long golden hair, which shimmered in the sunlight coming in through her slightly opened window. The dragon priestess tied up her hair into two pigtails which hung down her sholders. Filia couldn't help but smile a little when she saw how childish she looked.

She then approached her wardrobe and looked inside. There were many dresses, all of beautiful fabric and color. Pink, lavender, white, gold, green.... But, what Filia selected was a pair of overalls and a white collared shirt. The Ryuuzoku put these articles of clothing on and ran to the door with a bright smile on her face, eager to get outside to her little garden.

Xellos Metallium was extreamly bored today. Sure, flowers were blooming and people were all busy doing there spring cleaning...But, he didn't have anything to do. Zelas had given him the day off, and no-one had attacked him in days! Xellos looked down at his empty gloved hands, wishing he still had those cinnamon rolls...

Oooh! Xellos smirked happily to himself. He had a brilliant idea. The purple haired Mazoku decided that he would go and visit his favorite dragon... Yes, that would be lots of fun! ^.^ The priest closed his eyes and smiled as he teleported to a small house with a little garden...

Xel appeared in Filia's house and peered around. She must be in a good mood today, he decided since he hadn't been bashed, hit, or insulted within the first five seconds of his arrival. Or she could be planning something devious and evil! This thought made Xellos cautious as he peered around. Hmm..

"Filia? Ooooh Filia-chan!", he called out though cupped hands.

No flying mace-sama accompanied by a raging dragon with her tail poping out. How curious... Xellos changed his expression to one of disapointment. He found that it might be rather hard to annoy a dragon if she isn't home. Maybe she was outside! A little spark of hope found its way to the trickster priest as he teleported to the Ryuuzoku's backyard.

Xellos opened his eyes to look around for his dragon. Where could she be? He took in all the marvelous colors and sweet scents as he searched for Filia. He couldn't help but be captivated by all the spring beauty around him. He was surprised, could Mazoku appreciate such things? One thing was for sure, he did. The mini Eden was enchanting... Did Filia really do this all by herse -- eh?

Then Xellos spotted a crouched figure bended over a small tomato plant. The un-recongized gardener cooed encourgingly at the plant as she pulled away an tresspassing weed. Her golden hair was pulled into two pigtails on either side of her head and was dressed very casually. Xel blinked. Filia...?

Filia sighed and wiped her forehead. Her tomato plant was doing quite well. She was proud of all her good work. She smiled down at the growing plant. She sat back and stretched, she could really use a cup of tea right about now...

Suddenly, the Ryuuzoku maiden stiffened. Someone was watching her. She reached for mace-sama and then remembered that she had left her weapon inside her house. Filia slowly stood up and turned around.

Instantly, she was furious.

Author's Note

I have a lot of thank yous to do right here! First of all, I'd like to thank my editors, Rei Ryuuko and Paranoid Goddess Ruri. ^.^ I'd also like to thank Sorako Metallium. Oh yeah, and all you loyal fans of mine rule!!! Especially Dark_fire_angel, Vincelia Valentine, Digi-riven, Mellos Metallium, and Ruby Moon. Oh yes, and Dawninglight2000. I liked the "Like a cinnamon roll" line too! ^.^

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