Chapter 1

A young teenage author laid stretched out and relaxed under an apple tree. The little blossoms were beginning to form, and soon there would be yummy crimson apples. Chewing is good for concentration, ne? Erm..right, anyways, the tree was located in a low hill over looking a beautiful little village, which was slightly famous for its little pottery shop.

I want to become a bird and fly in the high skies,
aiming for a distant, far-off hope...

The gray eyed teenager ruffled her shoulder length ash blue hair sleepily and reached up to poke her companion who was laying above her in one of the "u" shaped branches. Her companion opened one green eye to peer down at her friend.

"What is it, Mimi-chan...?", yawned the green eyed editor as she sat up straight.

"Oh nothing, Rei Rei... just bored..."., replied the author.

Rei Rei scratched her pink haired head and opened both eyes to take in the scenery. She looked down the hill, past the bakery, left of the fancy clothes store, and her eyes landed on a little shop a little away from everything else.

But when I look down on myself, so small down below
I wonder: am I only living recklessly?

"Say, Mimi-chan, want to go down there?"

Eh? Mimi blinked. Shopping on a day like this? Noooooo! The horror of indoor shopping on a beautiful picture perfect spring day! Oh well, better than being bored, ne?

"Oh alright, sleepy head. Let's go....", mumbled Mimi.

They walked through the streets. Rei looked at about just everything... ><; they were never going to get there anyways...

Baka Rei Rei-chan...

If I can fix my eyes on the present like that
Nothing can hurt me, and I won't be afraid of tomorrow

(An hour later... ><;)

Rei and Mimi approached the small shop. The silly dumb Gourry-like editor (Hey... ><; Not funny Mimi.) ran way ahead of her friend.

"Oooooh! Mimi-chan! It's a pottery shop!", yelled Rei Rei with child-like glee.

"Oy...wait up Rei...", moaned a tired and grumpy author... (Guess who?)

Pottery. Pottery, as in pots and clay things? Mimi always preferred more delicate things. Things like crystal or glass. She loved the way the sparkled and shone in the radiant sunli-

Riding the wind,
I want to fly to the far side of my dreams
Putting on the wings called bravery.


An annoying pink haired editor's yell cut through Mimi's thoughts like a hot knife through butter...

"What now, Rei?", was the irritated reply.

"Come meet Miss Filia!"

"Hello! So glad you came to visit", said the beautiful and radiant Golden Ryuuzoku.

Mimi blinked all starry eyed. She was beautiful. She sighed if only she could be like her...

"Hello Miss Filia, I'm Reiha Ryuuko, and this is my friend, Mimi-chan!", shouted an over-excited editor I'm sure we all know.

Becoming a bird,
I want to keep the heart to gaze down
so I won't lose to everyday reality...

"Nice to meet you!", grinned Filia who was trying her best not to laugh at Mimi's name. Mimi. Me me? Heheheheh...

"Actually", said a professional author-like voice, "The name is Mizu Toriko, and I'm the (crazy) author of this song fic."

Ooook then. Right, whateva Mimi-chan. :P

"What have we here?"

A highly annoying voice appeared out of nowhere.


The panicked editor screamed and attached herself onto her companions leg like a magnet to a know, I have this cute little otter magnet and-ow!-oh yes, back to the story...

A purpled haired figure appeared behind the blonde haired shopkeeper.

Like a beast choosing a steep road
If I can scent out the right one, I will not fall

"Fi-chan! Long time no see!"

"Not long enough namagomi!", screeched the once-upon-a-time composed and polite Filia as she pulled out everyone's favorite heavy spiked object, aka mace-sama.

Mizu thought about it. Maybe she didn't want to be like Filia after all.

Author's Note

First of all, this is not my best work...@_@; Too tired. Anyways, basically me (Mizu) and my editor (Rei) have decided to go around being crazy and lazy (Oooh that rhymes!) in the Slayers world...guess which pottery shop we end up at? The song is called Breeze and it's from...SLAYERS! ^-^ YAY! All the legal...erm stuff...yeah... @_@; Chapter two will come when I dun feel so...erm..lazy...

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