Yaoi Girl

Author's Notes

To the tune of Barbie girl >.<

I'm a Yaoi Girl
In my Yaoi world

I know that I'm weird
and just a bit feared

I like Shonen ai
'cause you know otherwise

those poor bishs
'get stuck with witches

Come on Valgarv lets go party
Val: ya' @#$@#$ Mazoku!

Come on Zel lets go out
Zel: *twitch* FRUITCAKE!

Come on Xelloss lets get kinky
Xel: my my ^_^

(Alternative chorus, GW style)

Come on Heero lets go party
Heero: Omae o Korosu, Duo!

Come on Trowa lets go out

Come on Wufei lets get kinky
Wufei: grrrr....Foul miscreant...Draw your sword!
Trieze: *smirk* gladly
Wufei:O.O;;;..*blush* BAKA YAROU!

Okay, this next number is for all the Yuri Hentais on the list ^_^. All I had to do was change the lyrics to Yaoi Girl around a little and you have.... Yuri Girl

I'm a Yuri Girl
In my Yuri World

I know that I'm weird
and just a bit feared

I like Shoujo ai
'cause you know otherwise

those poor, sweet Chicks
'get stuck with Pricks

Come on Anthy lets go party
Anthy: Coming Miss Utena!

Come on Lina lets go out

Come on Zelas lets get kinky
Zelas:*takes a drag from her cigeratte and looks at the drooling Harukami* Down girl. *smirk*