I am alone,
I can never give myself to you because I was lost long ago,
I can never admit defeat because to be defeated is to die,
And I will not die,
I can never be myself because to be open is to dissapear,
I will never waver in my quest because then I would go off course and fade into eternity,
I will never feel death becasue I've never lived life,
I will never know sadness because I've never been truly happy,
I am only me.
I am only the body, the vessel of the soul,
The vessel is empty.
You cannot hurt me because I've never felt healed,
I cannot bleed because I have no heart,
You cannot touch me,
My body is unscathed, but scars run deep,
Scars that at some times almost cripple me to the point of almost ending this hell,
But I cannot die,
I will push you away, but I cannot be alone,
I need you, but I can't embrace you,
I am independent.
I walk alone.
I stand alone.
I fight alone.
I cry alone........