Chapter 1: Joyrock?! The Coming of the Mysterious Mazoku

Mazoku... What are they? Where did they come from? Why are they obsessed with the destruction of all?

A shadow crawls from the darkness. It moves into our world. The being takes shape as the pure energies move together. It's eyes glow red...


The explosion envelops the room. Its contents are incinerated in a matter of seconds.

"Lina!" Zelgadis rushes into the room, drawing his sword. "Lina, what in hell was that?!"

"Um, nothing," Lina sits up in the bed, "Just a nightmare"

"It figures."

Gourry rushes in. "Lina, are you all right?"

"She's fine, it was just a nightmare," Zelgadis explained.

"What happened to the room?" Gourry asked, looking around.

"Um, well, you know," Lina said, making small motions in the air.

"She used a fireball," Zelgadis answered.

"So?" Gourry asked.

"Never mind."

The scene shifts to the morning, the Slayers group is parting ways. Zelgadis is heading off on his own again, and Amelia is heading back to Seyruun. Xellos disappeared after returning the Sword of Light to Gourry. Lina and Gourry are heading out once again.

"What was the nightmare, Lina?" Gourry asked.

"I, I just felt something evil. All I could see was darkness, except for two red eyes. The feeling was like when we fought Shabranigdo, only much worse," Lina said.


"You don't remember him?! The giant mazoku with the ruby eyes?! He nearly killed us?!"

"Now that you mention it... Nope! Am I supposed to?"

"Yes!! Jellyfish brain!" Lina bangs him on the head with her elbow.

"Ow, ow, stop it Lina! What did I do?!"

"Huh?" Lina looked up.

"Oh, what is it?" Gourry asked, rubbing his head.

"Shh," Lina whispered, "There's something near. I can feel it. It' s a mazoku."

"Where?" Gourry asked in a whisper.

"I can't tell, somewhere near here."

A roar broke out of the trees, and a giant figure stumbled out.

"A troll!" Lina said in exclamation.

The troll charged at Lina, brandishing its club high in the air. Lina leapt to avoid the blow, and the club buried itself into the ground, scattering dust all around. The monster roared again. Not bothering to pull its club from its resting-place, it charged.

"Light of life, brighter than flame. Let thy power gather in my hand!" Lina chanted the spell, "Lighting!"

The white light exploded from her palm, blinding the troll. The troll pulled back, gripping at his eyes.

"Light, come forth!" Gourry yelled, and the energy embedded in the powerful sword exploded forward. Gourry ran at the troll. The monster, recovering its sight, slashed at the swordsman. Gourry dodged the beasts attack, and brought the Sword of Light down. The troll was sliced cleanly in half. "Don't put the sword away, Gourry, there's more of them," Lina said quietly. Gourry nodded. He moved to stand next to Lina. There was a clapping from above. Lina and Gourry looked up to see a giant lizard like creature in the trees.

"Very good!" The creature said, "Humans are so amusing. Its funny watching you play around with the trolls."

"Joyrock!" Lina gasped.

"Joyrock?" said the creature, "Ah, the mazoku whose shape I have taken. No, I am not Joyrock, but I thought it best to present you with an image you would recognize."

"Who's Joyrock?" Gourry asked.

"It's a long story. [1] He fought with one of your ancestors, Rowdy Gabriev, and I helped Rowdy kill him," Lina answered.

"So then... you really are hundreds of years old?" Gourry asked.

"No, yogurt for brains!! I went back in time!" Lina yelled.

"Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You are so amusing!" The creature said, "But now it is time to get back to fighting!"

"So, you want to fight us?" Lina asked.

"No, you will be fighting more monsters," the creature said. A vortex into the spiritual realm opened and the mazoku fazed out of real space. Trolls and Berserkers moved out of the trees to surround them. Gourry and Lina moved so they stood back to back.

"Gaav Flare!" Lina threw the spell at the creatures. It took out many of the monsters, but for every one it killed, two more moved into their place. "Dillu Brando!" The ground exploded from underneath the creatures but still more took their place. Gourry had his hands full slashing at all of the trolls and the berserkers that came close.

"This isn't working!" Lina exclaimed, "I'm going to use a Dragon Slave. Protect me while I'm chanting the spell!" Gourry nodded and moved sideways so he could further halt the charging enemies.

"Darkness beyond twilight," Lina began, "Crimson blood that flows!"

Gourry hacked at the monsters relentlessly, but they kept attacking.

"Buried in the flow of time..." Lina continued the spell.

"Lina," Gourry yelled, "Hurry, I can't hold them off much longer!"

"In thy great name I pledge myself to darkness. All the fools who stand in our way shall be destroyed... by the power that you and I possess!" Lina finished chanting the spell, and let the power free.

"Dragon Slave!"

The blast hit the ground, and expanded outward. The berserkers and trolls that stood near were instantly vaporized.

"Ray Wing!" The new spell picked Lina and Gourry off of the ground and carried them up out of the range of the destructive Dragon Slave attack. The attack ravaged the forest, tearing it up a thousand feet below them. After a moment the blast cleared away. All that was left of the forest was a large crater. Lina landed on the other side of the crater. Gourry landed on his face.

"Lina! Can't you wait to drop me until we get on the ground?!" he asked.

"Well..." Lina started.

"Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!" Came a voice from nearby. There also seemed to be an odd bouncing sound...



[1] Told in Slayers: Perfect (Slayers: The Motion Picture in the U.S.)

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