Chapter 1: How the Dreams Ended

"Amilia, I love you more than anything." Zelgadiss whispered as he got down on one knee

"Zel-gadiss..." Amilia said shocked to hear those words from a certain chimera

"Amilia, will you make me happy forever, will you marry me?" zelgadiss asked in a soothing deep voice. Amilia, Amilia, Amilia..."

"Amilia! Will you wake up!?!" Lina shouted in Amilia's ear

"Oh zelgadiss of course I will," she said just before Lina pulled off her covers reminding her that it was the beginning of winter and zelgadiss was in the other tent

"Oh Miss Lina why did you wake me up I was having the most wonderful dream!" Amilia shouted in her shrill childish voice

"'Oh zelgadiss I will' what was that about hmmmm?" Lina questioned walking out of the tent

"Miss Lina you are so cruel! She yelled in a voice so shrill that a harpy would be jealous.

It was the beginning of a hard winter and our heroes were in the middle of nowhere. The snow had started falling lightly so the ground was covered with white flecks and the autumn foliage now powdered with snow rustled beneath their feet as they packed up camp so they could move on in their search to find a village to stay in.

"Amilia, will you not hold on to my arm?" Zelgadiss asked in a tone that sounded slightly annoyed

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Zelgadiss" Amilia said remembering it was just a dream and that she had no chance to win Zelgasiss' heart.

Oh god! What am I thinking I never should have told her to let go I love her but something is holding me back. Zelgadiss thought to himself. Looking at the justice crazed princess and her raven black hair admiring the way it sways in the gentle winter breeze, unlike his wire like locks. How is it that she always is so cheerful I wish I could be too... his thoughts wandering off to some far away place.

"Zelgadiss, are you... smiling? What is it that is so funny that YOU smile?" Lina pried poking Zelgadiss to get his attention.

"I... what was the question?"

"WHY are YOU smiling!?"

"Oh it's nothing..."


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