Chibi-Gaav's Grudge

From: Maryuu-oh Gaav, greatest Mazoku Lord that ever stomped through the land, the terror of the millions, ice cream stand owner [come & try Chaos-Dragon's special this week ONLY!] :

To: [censored due to language]


Chibi-Gaav: Why aren't I also in the picture?? ::jumps up and down in anger:: Just because I got killed first doesn't mean you can ignore me. ::waving his sword threateningly:: I'm going to slice you into ... !!! ::buried under 4 other Chibis who suddenly falls on top of him.

Chibi-Zelas: I wanted the FanArts page! ::stomps down Chibi-Gaav who's struggling to stand up:: Did you see how the ending of Slayers Magic go!? ::wailing:: I'll be dead before next sunrise!!!! ::a bottle of wine appears and floats away; Chibi-Zelas immediately recovers:: Wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!! ::rans after the illusion::

Chibi-Dynast: I order you to hand over all of the Slayers Pages over to me or face the wrath of .... ::notices something shocking:: Dolphin, come back with that glacier!!! That's my home!!! ::knocking Chibi-Gaav over in his haste to reclaim his home::

Chibi-Dolphin: ::chanting dreamingly:: Cleaning, Cleaning, we've got guests coming. Dusting, Dusting, dinner is arriving. ::glacier resting on a small river that's floating in midair with Chibi-Dolphin tagging one end of the river like a rope::

::Chibi-Dynast chases Chibi-Dolphin all around the dimensional plane::

Chibi-Fibrizo: Can I finish conquering the world this time? ::smiles cutely with his hands behinds his back; zoom view of what Chibi-Fibrizo is holding. It's a small golden ball.::

Chibi-Zelas: ::sniffles as she stomps down on Chibi-Gaav yet again:: An-a-another ::grabs Chibi-Fibrizo by the shoulder:: w--win--wine ::sobbing hysterically:: GONE!!!

::Chibi-Fibrizo comforts the deeply depressed Chibi-Zelas. He offers a golden ball to Chibi-Zelas who absently crashes with a very satisfactory ping sound.

::Chibi-Gaav, who had finally crawled out and was planning on revenge on Chibi-Zelas, immediately falls over choking on the ground::

::Chibi-Dynast runs away in fright as Chibi-Dolphin decides to play chasing-the-evil-dark-lord-with-a-huge-chuck-of-melting-ice-that-is-also-his-castle laughing happily throughout this game::

Chibi-Fibrizo: Dolphin-neechan, do you want me to get more ice for you? ::rans away to get it when Chibi-Dolphin laughed again::

Chibi-Gaav: ::recovered from his fit and VERY annoyed:: THIS IS MY RANTING!!! ::changes into a Chibi version of his many headed dragon form:: Roooooooarrrrrrrrr! ::Flaming and tearing as he attacks his follow dark lords::

::The still hysterical Chibi-Zelas rapidly dimensional shifted around as one dragon head tries to reduce her to ashes::

::Chibi-Dynast determinedly tries to chop off one of the dragon head -- whose asleep for some reason -- with his sword but it's just bouncing off the dragon head's steel-hard skin. The dragon head continues to snore on.::

::Chibi-Dolphin has gone on a ribbon frenzy and is currently tying seaweed around each dragon head.::

::Chibi-Fibrizo meanwhile is directing a confused dragon head to eat the other 3 lords and destroy the dimension as well::


::a huge shovel lands over the Chibis::

::a sign appears with the words: Any more objections?::

All the Chibis: ::twitch, twitch::