Once Upon a Dream

I had a dream yesterday,
a strange dream, indeed.

I dreamt the world was a ball
as blue as an aquamarine gem
and a thousand more beautiful.
Things were happening on that world,
great and mighty events clashing against one another
like the ocean's waves
upon a solem breach
during the raging hurricane.

I saw a young man who like the sky was dark
a deep, endless violet
that surrounded everything
and turned all that it touched dark.
Only little twinkles of hope escaped,
Peeking boldly through,
reaching imploringly out,
for a heart's wish impossible to grant.

I dreamt of a city full of people
going to and fro, in throngs so thick
I wonder how they can breath.
One turned toward me,
a handsome young man in ivory
who looked into my eyes
begging me,
for a chance not for me to give.

I dreamt of a forest,
wild and dark.
A young girl ran
chased by the howls of wolves,
her sun-dyed hair shining through the darkness.
She tripped and fell
her tears flowed onto the still earth
and as I strained to hear her prayer,
she sought,
through flowing tears,
for a question she could not ask.

I dreamt of a tower,
and old and graying one,
with thorn-covered roses so thick around it
until they intertwined together to became a living wall
that like a children's fairy tale
hid a dark-haired princess asleep.
In whose dreams, she would
dream of a world renewed and free.

I dreamt of gold,
a color I much adore
surounding a young man with a
heart of gold.
He looked back at me
smiled a foolish little grin,
a happy laugh
and shook his head,
"I wish only for things to be."