One Cold Night

The Demon King of the North, Lei Magnus, stood frozen in place, forever locked inside his icy prison where he would remain untouched by the effects of time. It was a pity, really. All that power was going to waste, and he had shown such potential. If only fate had dealt him a different hand he wouldn't be in this situation.

It was something he couldn't understand. Magnus had chosen this fate voluntarily. But why? To what end did it accomplish?

The powers of a Mazoku Lord were at his disposal and yet, here they were, sealed away within a magical prison wasting away. He had enough power to conquer the world, to take it and mold it to his liking. Nonetheless, his friend had chosen this destiny. The fool.

"How pathetic you must feel," he stepped out from the darkness, "to be sealed away like this. How long has it been, Magnus? A hundred years? A thousand? Time is meaningless to those like ourselves, but I can't help but wonder if you can even understand the passage of time from within that cage. We could have done so much more, and yet, you chose this fate instead. You could have easily bested the Water Dragon Lord had you only tried. This world would have been yours."

A dim light pierced the darkness as the Demon King's eyes glowed an angry red.

"So you do understand," the man smiled. "And here I thought you were dead to the world. That is a pleasant surprise. Well, I suppose you're wondering why I came here after so long. You knew I wasn't dead. You know I'm much more clever than that. I managed to survive the end of the Kouma War and beyond. Since then I've been journeying the realms, gathering knowledge and power in preparation for this day."

"And that is why I am here. I came to tell you I will finish what was started ages ago. With the magical barrier now gone the Ryzoku once again have full access to their holy power. Even with the eradication of an entire clan of the golden dragons, they still remain a formidable threat. Because of that I will be forced to act quickly."

He paused as he moved around so he was face-to-face with Magnus.

"I would tell you the details of my plan, my friend, but the walls have ears, and there are eyes everywhere. Many have already died trying to uncover my plans, but I know better than they do. I will take this world and make it mine. Where you failed I will succeed, and this time there will be no one to stop us. I've taken steps to ensure us of that. It's only unfortunate you won't be around to take part in the play, Magnus."

The room trembled as the glow in the Demon King's eyes deepened.

"Getting irritable in our old age, are we, Magnus?" the mage laughed. "I think I'll take that as my cue to leave. Perhaps I'll visit again when all the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. Ta ta for now. Goodbye, Magnus." Having said that, he teleported away.

"Isn't he a pleasant fellow," another figure emerged from the shadows.

"...He is a fool...stop him..." the Demon King's voice vibrated through the darkness.

"You mean I get to go outside? Alright!"

"...Um...yes, just be cautious...He is not to be underestimated..."

"Of course! I know that! What do you take me for? A child!?"

"...You are only two hundred years old..."

"So? In human years -- "

"...You are not a human..."

"Fine. Whatever. I'll be going now, you old fart," she scowled as she teleported away.

"...I only hope you are ready to chose your destiny..."

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