Family Business

"There it is the town of Anatone."Leanna said to her group. Her bright green eyes scanning the quite town. Little strands of bright red hair escaping the long french braid,that hung just above her waist. She wore a dark green tunic with a black cloth around that had one strap that came up around her shoulder (you know like Lina's yellow thingy). Her pants were the same color as her tunic and she wore dark brown boots that came up just past her ankels. Her cape was black, the interior matching her clothing. She wore shoulder gaurds that were embeded with emeralds, rubies,and saphiers. The cape clasped around her neck by a silver chain embeded with emeralds and saphiers.Around her waist was a leather strap a gold buckle in the shape of a dragon,her sword hung sheathed at her side.

"Why are we here again?" Arved asked. She had put her short black/purple hair up in a ponytail. She wore an ebony short sleaved tunic, pants that tucked into knee high boots. Her cape was black as midnght (though isn't midnight really a really navy blue? But anyways it's for the effect really.^^) Blowing in the evening breeze. Her bow and aroows straped to her back, Arvads amber eyes scanned the town that layed out before them.

"Were here to find and take the Book of Brener."Leanna replied.

"what's that?"Arvad asked.

"It's a book of magic containing some of the most powerful spells," Leanna said.

"But I thought you knew all there is to know about magic." Giyan said coming to her side. Leanna looked up at him, he was at least a whole head taller than she was(maybe even more). Giyan had short blonde hair and bangs that hung just above his eyes. He wore a black breast blate over a grey tunic he wore black pants and black boots. At his side he wore a long,heavy looking braod sword.

"I...I know a lot of it, yes but I could always do with knowing more."She answered. "Besides I really need to get to it before someone else does."

"And who might that be?" Said a quite voice be hind her. Leanna turned around to see Zeph (yes I know that's really colse to Zel, but Zel is short for Zelgadiss and this is just his name. No nickname). Zeph was tall, well trained swords man and knew his magic well. He had short indigo hair and olive skin(you know the kind that stays tanned year 'round. Like mine^^). He wore a black sleavless tunic with dark brown pants. His dark maroon cloak protecting him from the upcoming nights chill.

Leanna gave him a somewhat annoyed look. " It's none of your business." She retorted.

"But how do you know this person is going after the same book?" Giyan asked, even for a blonde he asked resonable questions.

Leanna looked at him with a half smile. "Becuase I happen to know this per rather well."

"Leanna we better get into town and get some rooms, it's starting to get dark."Arvad said.

"Here we are, the town of Anatone." Amelia announced.

"That's nice Amelia. Now lets get down there to an inn before I die of starvation all tired and sweaty." Lina said pushing past her.

Amelia gave a little sigh and followed. Gourry close behind and Zalgadiss bringing up the rear. After arriving and checking into the inn Lina and her group sat down to a nice meal. Lina and Gourry eating there usual large amount of food, and were eating with there usual speed. When Lina had paused in her eating Amelia took this opportunity to ask a question that was on her mind.

"Ms. Lina, I was wondering, "pause." What is so important about this certain book anyways?"

"What do you mean?" Lina asked.

"Like, why are we in such a hurry do get to it?"

Lina gave Amelia a funny look. "Amelia, you of all people should know this. The Book of Bremor contains some of the most powerful spells..."

"But Lina I thought you knew all the most powerful spells..." Gourry began. Lina smacked Gourry on the back of the head.

"I WASN'T FINISHED!!!!" She shouted in his ear. "Anyways, as I was saying. This book contains some of the most powerful spells known to the human race. And it is very crucial that I get this book before this other person gets a hold of it." Lina finished and went back to eating her meal.

"Lina, how do you know this person is going after this book also." Zelgadiss asked taking a sip from his coffee. Lina shot him an exasperated glance. "Because I just happen to know this persons attentives very well."

"Ms. Lina... I was wondering...."Amelia started. "Who are we exactly trying to beat?"

Lina motiond for her to lean closer to hear. Amelia sat up on her feet. Lina put her hand on her shoulder to whisper in her ear. "Well it's...NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!" Lina yealled in her ear. Amelia went flying back out of her chair and fell into someone.

"Oh, excuse me Ms..."Amelia trailed off as the girl stood up to dust her self off.Amelia gave a small gasp. She had black/purple hair tied up in a pony tail, black short-sleaved tunic, black pants that tucked into black knee high boots. Snapping amber eyes looked at Amelia, the girl gave a snort of disgust and stalked by Amelia. That's strange that girl looked almost exactly like me!

Arvad gave a quick glance behuind her to make sure that girl wasn't looking, then took off up the stairs. She ran into her and Leanna's room shut the door and leand her back against it.

"That was just to weird." She mumbled.

Leanna looked up from the money she had been counting. "Whats so weired? And did you find out where that temple was?"

"Yeah I found out. But there was/is this girl down there and she looked almost exactly like me!" Arvad siad walking over to the table and sitting down.

"Is that so."

"Yes, that's so, Don't you think thats strange though?"

Leanna went bake to counting."Not really."

Arvad stood up, hands clenched into fists at her side. "Leanna Inverse, you never listen to anything important do you. You would much rather count your money!" She turned on her heal and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her.

Leanna smiled to her self. "Sevenhundred...AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

The door sudenly came open and Giyan and Zeph came in swords drwan and Arvad with her bow. Giyan looked at leanna with a puzzeld look.

"Uh...Leanna, are you okay?" He asked walking over and putting a hand on her shoulder.

Leanna sat there with her face in her hands. She looked up and stared at the wall. "I lost count."

Everyone inn the room facefalted.

The next morning Leanna and her group stood in front of the ancient temple. Leanna looked it over.

"Well it looks...old."She said. "Okay Arvad, what do we do now?"

"Um, the guy said to go down a corridor and it should lead right to it. Oh, and..." Arvad hesitatid.

"And?" Leanna pressed.

"Andyoucan'tusemagic." Arvad said in a rush.

"What!!!" Leanna cried. "How can we defend ourselvs?!"

"Not all of us use magic you know." Giyan said putting a hand on his sword hilt. "I think we need to go in." He added.

"Leanna looked at him. "Yeah I think your right. Um," Leanna walked over to the door and opend it carefully. Then she tuned and looked at everyone in her group. "Arvad," the girl looked up."Lead on."

"What? No, I don't want to." She said hidding behind Zeph.

"Come on, you like to prowl around in the dark." Leanna said walking around Zeph, grabbing Arvad's arm and started to drag her to the door.

"No, I donwanna. Let me go."

"Arvad go on!"

"You know Leanna, If Arvad dosen't want to go..."Giyan trailed off.

"Right Zeph go on."

"Huh? Uh...No that's okay." He looked at Giyan. "I think Giyan should go."

Leanna looked at him. "Weeeellll. I don't know. Do you want to go?" She asked.

"If no one else will go I will."

"Well looks like you get to."

Giyan pulled out his broad sword and walked up to the door way. He looked in and then stepped onto the floor. The thick dust swerlied around his foot, cobwebs hung everywhere. Leanna walked up behind him and peered around his broad shoulders. Zeph behind her and Arvad clinging to his cloak.

"Dusty." Leanna said, then looked around the room. "Arvad!" Arvad poked her head around Zeph to look at her. "There are four tunnels leading out of here! Which one do we take?"

Arvad looked at the room, then back at Leanna. "I...I don't know, he didn't say." She said.

Leanna sweatdroped. "Okay, um..." Leanna looked around at the four hallways. "Me and Giyan will tack the second from the right and you guys take...Uh...I don't know, just pick one." Leanna said starting forward, Giyan folowing. She stoped and turned around."ANd if you find the book," pause. "If you find the book, just...stay there untill I find you." And at that she turned around and left.

After Leanna and Giyan were out of site, Arvad looked at Zeph. "So, what one do we take?" She asked.

Zeph pointed to the right of the one that the other pair went down. "We'll take that one." He said.

"But it's sop dark, and you can't use your magic." Arvad pointed out.

"Must you keep reminding me?! I know that I can't. You said that before!" He said.

Arvad crossed her arms across her chest and stuck her nose in the air. "Things often repeated are the most important." She stated.

Zeph sighed and looked around for a bit. Then his eyes rested on Arvad's bow. "We can each hold onto the end of your bow and I'll lead us through the hallway." He said.

Arvad clutched her bow. "But what if I need it real fast?"

"Do you have any other suggestions?" He asked through clenched teeth.

Arvad smiled smugly. "We could hold hands?"