Part 3

"Come on in Zel the waters fine!" Tia called out to him. Zelgadiss sat on the sand with a towel draped across his shoulders Cure or no cure I'm not going to get in. Zel still didn't like large crowds of people.

"TIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tia turned in the direction of her name being called. She saw two girls running toward her. One had a real long tank red top that went to about her knees over a black swimsuit, on her feet she wore a pair of black sandals. Her long brown hair was in a braid. The second girl was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and a white tank top over a dark forest green suit, she also had a pair of sun glasses up on top of her head. On her feet she also wore a pair of black sandals.

"MANA! ANNE! OVER HERE!" Tia called back, she got out of the water and hurried over to meet them half way.

Zel watched as she went passed him.

Tia lead the two other girls to where he stood and introduced him. "Mana, Anne. I would like you to meet Zel. Zel, these are my friends I told you that were coming back from vacation."

Lina stood there with her navy blue towel folded up in her arms, sunglasses covering her ruby-red eyes. Lina looked down at what she was wearing, Navy blue fabric shorts with a matching tank top over a lime green suit. Mana and Anne ran forward to meet the girl that was coming toward them. She was wearing a suit with many different shades of blue her long dark brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail.

As the girl lead Mana and Anne to a guy that was standing there...* Funny he looks almost familiar some how...but where would I have seen him? * Lina walked over to where they where they were standing, and caught the last part of Tia's introduction.

"...Zel, these are my friends I told you that were coming back from vacation."

Lina slowly took of her sunglasses and stared wide eyed at him as he shook hands with Anne and Mana. "Zel!" Lina gasped. "Zel, wha... how...and your..."

"Lina? Lina are you okay? Take deep breaths. Good, now talk." Zel told her

"Zel your cured!" Lina exclaimed, still in shock amazement.

"Uh... Something tells me they already know each other." Anne said to the others.

" Like no duh Anne. Wait a minute, isn't this the guy she wanted to us to help her find?" Mana asked.

"I think so but I thought his name was Zegaldiss or something like that." Anne replied.

"It was Zel-ga-diss, Anne. And yes this is who I wanted you to help me find." Lina said correcting her.

"Right. Any ways, pleased to meet you Zel...gadiss and that we found you all in one piece after being found by her." Anne said indicating Tia and giving Zel a wink.

"Anne!" Tia said hitting her in the arm.

"What'd I say?"

Tia glared at Anne for a few minutes." You guys never told me you were bringing someone extra with you."

"Well, we knew you had that extra room and we thought she could stay in there. But I bet you put Zelgadiss in there instead, right?"Mana said. Tia nodded, "well he could sleep on the couch couldn't he? What?" Anne and Tia gave Mana a shocked look.

"Mana, that's just like us kicking you out of your room... That's it! Mana can room in with you Anne and Lina can sleep in Mana's room. Don't' worry Mana,"Tia said when Mana started to object. "We can put the cot in there so you don't have to sleep on the floor."

"I guess so.Hey guys, let's get in the water I brought a frisbee to throw." Mana said changing the subject. She picked up the frisbee and headed toward the water.

Anne sighed."Right behind you." Lina and Zel watched as the three girls went into the water.

"So this is where you were sent." Lina said looking around at all the activity. "Nice place."

"I guess. So, where did you get found?" Zel asked.

Lina looked down at the sand It's just about as hot as the sand in desert. "Anne said it was somewhere in on of the Nevada deserts." Lina didn't feel like telling him all the things Anne had said and the arguing that went on between Anne and Mana just to get a simple answer.

"Hey! Lina, Zel! Come on!" Came Tia's call from the water.

"What a day!" Anne said walking into the house, arms out stretched above her head. "I'm ready for a hot shower and a good dinner."

"Supper." Mana corrected.

"Whatever. Anyways I get the shower first." Anne dropped her hat on the table.

"Anne, this isn't your house, there isn't just one shower, there are four." Tia said.

"Yeah, but you don't have some one else who is going to be waiting for you and besides Mana takes to long." Anne said smiling.

"I do not, you take to long Anne and don't deny it."Mana said inching toward the room. "So I think I should be first." As soon as the last word was spoken Mana turned and bolted for the room. Anne quickly ran after her.

Tia heard a door slam and Anne yelling "Mana! Open the door right now! Your going to be hurting if you don't!" Tia sighed. "Well Lina there is a bathroom in your room, and Zel the one you will be using is across from your room. After we are all clean we'll see about dinner."

"I thought you called it supper?" Zel said

"That's what Mana calls it. It runs in the family."Tia responded smiling, then explained a little better after seeing the confused expression on their faces. "In Mana's family the call breakfast-breakfast, lunch-dinner,and dinner-supper."

"Oh, well I guess we'll get cleaned up then." Lina said turning to leave.

"Okay then see in a while." It said and left for her room. Once it was out of sight Zel turned to Lina." Lina please try not to eat so much at sup...dinner.

"Why Zel, don't sweat it I know how to act. I've seen how much Mana and Anne eat so I got a pretty good idea." Lina winked at him and moved down the hall. Before going in she turned to him," Oh and Zel? If I were you I would eat more than you usually do. I heard that some people consider it a great insult if you don't eat what's placed in front of you." Lina smiled and went into her room and closed the door.

"Weeelllll, what can we have for eats?" Anne said to her self, looking in the fridge and the freezer.

Mana was in the pantry looking at the shelves." I really don't see anything. Maybe we should order out for pizza?"

"Hey Mana, do we have any Prego sauce? Spaghetti noodles? Olives? Well then we got dinner, let's make spaghetti." Anne said taking out a pound of beef and some garlic bread. Tia and Lina walked through the door just as Anne took the beef out of the microwave(it was being defrosted) and put it in the skillet.

"Spaghetti?" Tia asked, although it was more of a statement then a question.

"Yeah We kinda decided..."

"You mean I decided." Anne cut in.

"Whatever...hey Tia, what happened to the italian seasoning? Oh never mind here it is." Mana said going through the season rack.

"Does she have any red pepper,parsley, onion powder,garlic powder?" Anne asked walking over, leaving the meat.

"Anne! Yes she does. Now get back to that meat before you burn it!"Mana all but yelled at her.

"It's not going to burn. It's still pretty frozen. Tia could you start dicing the olives, and Lina could you...uh help Mana, heaven knows she needs it."Anne said ,turning back to the beef.

"Hey! I can cook."Mana said,turning to attend to her sauce.

"Tia could you get the noodles done please?" Anne asked

Alittle while latter Zel came in. "Smells good. What is it?" He asked walking over to the stove.

"Spaghetti!" Tia and Lina said at the same time.

"Zel would you be a doll and set the table for me?" Anne asked adding, adding a few spices to the sauce.

"Uh... sure, I guess."

"You'll find the plates in there, the cups in there and the silverware in there." Mana said putting a lid on the sauce. "Here I'll help." She added when she saw how Zel was coming along.

"Okay we are done. Let's eat!" Tia said walking in holding the bowl of noodles. Anne right behind here with the sauce and Lina with a bowl of salad.

Everyone sat down and was about to eat when the doorbell rang.

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