Part 5

The days went by and it had already been a week since they had come to California. Lina sat fascinated by the TV. Anne sat reclined in an easy chair reading a book and rolling with a soccer ball with her foot. Mana and Tia sat at the same window waiting for the guys to come.

"Hey, your taking up to much room scoot over!" Mana said pushing Tia to one side.

"What?! I am not your the one who's hogging the window space. I can hardly see as it is!" Tia retorted shoving Mana back.

"How dare you push me!" Mana said shoving Tia.

"How dare I push you? You pushed me first!" Tia told her shoving Mana back. The two girls got in a shoving, pushing, hitting, clawing fight.

Anne looked up from her book and rolled her eyes. Lina wasn't paying attention, she was to busy watching Sailor Moon, and commenting on how stupid these girls were and that if she was Sariena she would tell that Darian a thing or two for calling her names. Also that these girls powers were too wimpy,(except for Mars because she used fireballs and as we all know that's Lina's favorite spell) Then Anne got up out of her chair and walked to the window.

"Their here." She said and walked back over to her chair.

"Their here?" The two stopped fighting, Mana had her nails dug into Tia's upper arm and Tia had a hand full of Mana's hair.The two girls jumped up and ran out the door, but not before they stopped at the mirror to fix their hair. As they ran out Anne heard Mana cry out Greg's name followed by Tia's Luke. Anne shook her head then looked at her watch.

"Well gotta get ready." She said. Lina looked up as the guys and Mana and Tia walked in. Anne was on her way to the back of the house.

"Hey Zel come here." Lina said motioning for Zel to come sit by her.

"This is one weird show. These girls no nothing about fighting. And their leader is a total wimp! Even Gourry and even Amelia could do better than her. And this guy is a total loser too you know she likes him as her 'knight in shining armor, or something like that, but they totally hate each others guts when there not fighting together."

"What is she watching?" Greg asked Mana.

"She's watching Sailor Moon. We turned on the T.V. one-day and this was on and she wanted to see it and has not missed a day so far. She's like Anne and a soccer game, you know how she sits and will ref the whole thing? Well Lina sits and says how she would fight and what kind of spells would work best and that Sarina should kick Darian's butt like she does with the monsters." Mana said.

"See what I mean, they are totally amateurs!" Lina was saying.

Just then Anne came out dressed in a pair of red shorts and a white tank top with a big red cross on the back and on the front it had a thick red stripe across the middle with the word LIFEGAURD written in white. "Well I'll see you all in a while then 'kay?" And at that she left the house and walked down toward the beach.

"Where's she going?" Zel asked when the door shut after Anne.

"She has a summer job lifegaurding at the beach." Tia answered. "She never loses it 'cuz her best friend is the one who hires the people."

"Are we going to the beach again?" Lina asked. They had gone to the beach just about every other day since they had gotten there.

"Yeah, besides, what's wrong with the beach?" Mana asked. "I like going and getting a tan."

"We all know you need it too." Tia said lowly.

"I heard that and it's not funny." Mana retorted.

"Well shall we go then?" Greg said.

"Sure after we get ready." Tia said. About half-hour later, for Mana couldn't find her swimsuit and it ended up being were she left it which was hanging up in the bathroom. The six of them headed off towards the beach.

A few days later Anne was up early. She was going to get started on some of the mexican so she didn't have a lot to do when she had to. She was just about to put the roast in the crock-pot when Lina came in. She rubbed her eyes and yawned.

"What are you doing? It's still dark out." She said.

Anne smiled. "I'm going to get a few things ready for the mexican I'm going to make. Boy are we going to have a feast!" Anne said putting the roast in the pot.

"Fast? I don't wanna fast!" Came a winey voice. Anne and Lina looked over to the door to see Tia standing there still half-asleep.

"I didn't say fast you stupid I said feast."Anne said.

"Oh." Tia said then looked around. "Where's Mana?" Anne smiled. "Is she still asleep?" Tia asked. When Anne nodded Tia smiled broadly. "Lets do it."

Lina watched as Anne and Tia ran to the fridge and the freezer. Anne took out a bucket of water from the fridge and Tia took a bucket of ice cubes from the freezer. Then they ran out of the kitchen and down the hall to Mana's room. Lina followed. When she got there the two girls were standing on either side of Mana smiling at each other.

"...Of course I'll marry you Greg..." Mana said smiling in her sleepThe two girls tried not to laugh.

"Shall we bring her back to reality?" Tia asked holding up her bucket. Anne nodded. "Okay, one...two..." They held buckets up high and got ready to run fast. "Three!" Tia cried.

"Huh....AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Mana screamed as first ice-cubes than -very- cold water was poured on her. Anne and Tia dropped the two buckets and ran past Lina as fast as they could, Mana followed just as soon as she was able to get out of the wet covers.

A white car pulled up in the driveway, just before Greg, Luke and Zelgadiss did.

"Hey Brandon, how's it going?" Called Greg.

"Just fine. And how are all of you?" Brandon answered, then he saw Zel get out. "And who is this?"

"This is Zel..."Luke trailed off.

"Zelgadiss." Zel replied.

"Well it's nice to meet you Zelgadiss." Brandon said extending his hand in welcome.

Zel slowly put his hand out. This had to be the first time anyone has gotten his name right on the first try. Just then they all heard a loud scream, and a little bit later Tia followed by Anne came running out of the house, close behind them came an extremely wet Mana who was followed by Lina. When Tia saw who was here she stopped which made Anne, Mana and Lina run into her.

"Having fun girls?" Luke asked smiling, folding his arms.

"Luke!" Tia cried and ran to give hime a hug. "You guys are here early.

Anne went to say hello to Brandon and Lina and Zel started to talk of things. So that left Mana all by her self , wet and dripping. Greg stared at her in disbelief.

"Mana?" He said trying not to smile. "Wha...What happened to you?"

"You two will pay for this, you know." Mana said. "I'm going to go change into something dry." And at that she turned around and left.

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