Part 7

Around twelve-thirty they all met at the food court. They had to limit Lina to two chicken strip meals, Lina was a bit irritated at this but willingly got the two.

"So how do you guys like it? Fun enough for ya?" Tia asked eating her french fries.

"Uh, sure." Lina replied.

"What's your favorite ride so far?" Luke asked.

"I'd have to Riddler was pretty fun..."

"Lina, you had your eyes closed through the whole thing." Zelgadiss pointed out sipping is soda. Lina glared at him.

"So, you should have seen your picture, your face was white as anything and you were gripping the bars as if your life depended on it." Lina stated. "Also on that water ride you should have seen your face when that wave of water came over the side and soaked you and Anne!" Lina said laughing.

"So, you were the first to get wet. And you screamed, it was only water." Zel pointed out.

"You guys should have seen Zel's face when Lina saw Ramon. Jealousy was written all over it." Anne whispered to her two friends, winking. Luke gave the girls a sideways glance, for he had over heard and now knew that they were going to plan something for these two strangers.

Lina and Zel were arguing on what happened on all the rides. Who got scared, who was the chicken etc.

"I think we should separate into different groups for the remainder of the time." Brandon suggested.

"All right then Me, Tia, you and Anne. Then those four." Luke said.

"Fine with me." Anne said. Thankful to finally have a time to enjoy her self without having to stop every couple of steps to explain something. Greg sighed. He thought he had gotten out of having to spend the rest of their time here answering questions all the time.

On the other hand..."Great! I want to show Lina something really neat! Greg how about going to see the Batman and Robin show." Mana exclaimed.

"Sure I guess."

"Hey, why don't we meet there, I believe the next show is at four so we can go there and then go to the pool after that." Anne said. They all agreed to this and went there separate ways.

Around three-thirty Anne, Brandon, Luke and Tia were in line and waiting for the others.

"Hey there they are Mana, Greg, Lina and...Zel?..." Tia said pointing them out. Mana was the first to spot them. she came running over to greet them.

"We had a great time." She said.

"Goodness Zel how many games did you play?" Luke said. Zel walked up to them arms loaded with various kinds prizes. Zel's eye's peeked out over the top of the pile.

"Only two of these are mine. The rest are Lina's." He said in a muffled tone.

"Golly Lina what game did you play?" Tia asked.

"It was the easiest one. You had to throw a ball and knock all the bottles down. Knocked all three down, all three turns." Lina said proudly.

Anne smiled. Then she noticed something different about Zel's face. "What happened to your eye? Did you run into something?" She asked.

"Sure did." Greg said, smiling slightly. "Lina's fist. She socked him good!"

"My word! What for!" Tia said.

"Well, you know the Batman ride, the one where your feet are hanging in the air? Well Zel saw that sign that said 'Any personage with upper dimensions bigger than so many inches my not ride this ride due to that the safety harness will not fit.' Or something like that. So, when he read this he told Lina that she should have no problem because she doesn't have anything anyways." Pause. "And that's when she let him have it." Mana explained.

Tia looked from Lina to Zelgadiss. Shaking her head she said, "you two have a weird relationship."

"Relationship?! We do not have a relationship!" Protested Lina.

"Ha! Yes you do!" Mana cried. "Look at her turn red!"

"And Zel's turning pink!" Anne pointed out giving him a nudge in the ribs.

"Okay you three, leave them alone. The lines moving so let's go." Luke said taking ahold of Tia's arm and walking into the 'theater'.

"Come on Lina! It's not that bad just jump off!" Anne cried from the ladder at the pool.

"You don't have to do the flips that we did. Just, jump strait in." Tia said.

"Don't forget to plug your nose or you'll get water up it." Mana advised.

"It's not that far down either it's just about thirteen feet deep and if you start to drown I'll save you." Anne added.

"Will you guys stop it. Your scaring her." Brandon said standing behind Lina at the diving board.

"I'm n-n-not s-s-scared." Lina retorted. She edged closer to the end of the board and ...fell in. "AAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

"Oh-dear." Anne sighed and jumped in to save her.

"Your turn Zelgadiss." Greg said thumping him on the back.

"Uh....sure." Zel climbed up on the board and took a deep breath then exhaled. He decide he would try to do a dive. Just a simple dive. He took a running start, jumped at the right time, kept his head down and....SMACK!!! He did a strait ten across the board belly-flop.

After that Zel decided he didn't like the diving board all that much, or like swimming for that matter. So he sat out the rest of the time. That is until everyone conspired against him and threw him into the pool. Later on they all were getting into the car and deciding on where to go for dinner over the two way radios.

"What 'bout Taco Bell?" Anne suggested.

"Anne you gotta be crazy! No one wants to go there but you.. This car wants to go to that Mongolian BBQ place." Greg answered from the other car.

"I guess so, I'm out voted in this car anyways." Anne replied sighing. So they went out for Mongolian BBQ. Lina and Zel pretty much knew what they wanted. Lina got the chicken meal and Zel got the beef. Here is where they let Lina eat all she wanted. and I'm sure the guys frying up the food were getting pretty tired of seeing her at the window waiting for her bowl to get cooked.

The days went on and on. The girls were at their house just doing what ever. Anne sat slouched in a chair, her feet outstretched in front of her, reading a book. Mana laid on the floor drawing. Tia was at the computer typing up her story. Lina sat down in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn and watched Jurassic Park, with wide eyes.

They were doing these thins when the phone rang. Lina jumped and her bowl of popcorn flew about three feet in the air and landed in her lap. Popcorn all around her.

"I'll get it!" Yelled Mana jumping up from where she was lying down on the floor. She ran past Anne and tripped over her out stretched feet, but got right back up and ran to the phone.

"Hello?" She said smiling, then her smile faded. "Uh, sure she's here, just a minute... Anne, it's Brandon." Mana set the phone down and went back to finish her drawing. Anne got up and walked over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hey what's up?...Friday? I guess so. What time?....Five, sure we'll be there...'Kay...Bye." Anne hung up the phone and sat back down and started to read her book.

"Well?" Tia asked turning to look at her from the computer.

"'Well', what." Anne responded not looking up from her book.

"What did you say we would be there for on Friday. I would like to know. Because what if we had already planned things to happen then." Tia said annoyed.

Anne looked up from her book to answer. "Oh just that we would go up and go to a dance that he was invited to." She now looked back at her book. "Anyways, he has already talked to the guys so there is nothing going on, other than that."

Tia and Mana rolled their eyes and resumed there activities.

Lina looked at the three girls. A dance?! She hated dances. Why couldn't it be something a little more exciting?

Little did she know that it would be something she would never forget.

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