Prologue: It Can't Go Wrong? Yeah, Right!


This fanfic takes place during the third ep on tape 7 of Slayers NEXT. Only partially, though...

There are a couple elements not found in the videos in here, too. ::cough:: Deep Sea...

Dynast's footsteps echoed through the crystalline halls and bridges of the tower. It was situated on a small island in the realm that was under the supervision of Shabranigdo and Cephied. More precisely, it was on the outer edge of the Demon's Sea, with the coast of the land that was trapped by the barrier of the mazoku in sight. Vines and waterfalls cascaded down the fluted pillars of crystal that was mostly bluish, but could be other colors as well. Dynast could've just teleported himself to the destination inside, but preferred to walk. It was genuinely pleasant here. But his presence her was not for mere pleasure in this tower that he had required the aid of his sisters for.

As Dynast approached the roof of the tower (And still enjoying the warm air, as even he liked some warmth once in a while), he heard two voices. It seemed that Deep Sea Dolphin and Beastmaster Xellas were here as well. Why he had invited them was beyond reasoning, even to himself. It was merely a simple way for him to show off his prowess and power. To change time itself....

"Dynast. I'm glad that you came." The cigarette-smoking woman stopped playing with Deep Sea. Dynast noticed that they were playing with their humans. On closer inspection, she noted that this batch was still in basic training. She had thought it up, Deep Sea. Train warriors to become powerful, and let them loose for fun. Dynast grinned, an expression that was out of place on his face, and was there only because of the extreme pleasure that he was feeling at the moment. "It's almost time."

"Thank you for inviting me. Even though I would still be here anyways. Your proposal is quite interesting, Dynast. Please, tell me again what you want to do."

The man nodded. Deep Sea was still sitting on the floor. She had waved at him, and promptly returned to finding new outfits for her army. "As you know, from my calculations, I have realized that in a short amount of time, there will be massive disruption to this world. While this is nothing new, the almost total elimination of a species, even if it is a worthless Dragon species, is no laughing matter." Dynast paused. Deep Sea was now making sound effects as she battled her humans. It was still not as bad as a puppet, but was still irritating.

"Fireball! Wshhh! Elmekia Lance! Frrrm!" Dynast concentrated, and Deep Sea was promptly teleported to a spot in the middle of the Demon's Sea. It would be just long enough for her to get back to the tower, for him to finish his presentation.

"As I was saying, at a certain point in the future, Dark Star/Volpheid will be summoned to this world, as well as certain things occuring before that. In such, I wish to change the timeline in a way that will eliminate the possibility of the summoning, even though there is a chance against the destruction, I would still prefer not to wait and see. Therefore, but changing a certain event, I will be able to remove this from happening , as well as preserve the Golden Dragons, that being an unfortunate side effect. All I need to do is to alter one decision of one single human, and that timeline will be eliminated. As well, it will also allow another needless death, one that will be prevented as the would-be corpse only needs a little time to realize his peril."

"Very well. Please continue." Dynast bowed mockingly, and a large image appeared in the sky. Events were being played out. Dynast and Xellas sat on chairs that had just appeared, and watched. Deep Sea returned, and sat on her own chair as well. As soon as Dynast had manipulated that event, however, lightning crackled, and things got crazy.

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