Wire-like hair, hard blue stone skin, slitted eyes...a monster! The words kept repeating in his head like a tape recorder only it doesn't run on batteries. Zel smashed his reflection on the water surface by throwing a fist-sized rock at it.

His breathing became hard as he dropped to the ground, pulling his knees to his chest, sobbing silently.

He had excused himself from the others, saying that he was going to take a bath. He was about to when he saw his reflection on the water.

"Damn you Rezo!" He cursed in a whisper, afraid the others might hear if he had said it out loud. But even though his words couldn't be heard but his feelings could be felt by a certain trickster who's enjoying a free meal out of Zel's tortured emotions. A sinister smile crept up his face as he eyed the chimera who is still oblivious of his presence. "Tsk, tsk much as I love taunting Lina-chan and Filia, you're still my best meal supplier." He chuckled to himself, drinking in more of Zel's misery before he suddenly felt a strong energy wave came crashing in like a high tsunami. Nearly throwing Xelloss off balance.

Zel felt it too, strangely the wave had managed to wash his sorrow away. In fact, it filled him with some sort of...warmth, filling in the void within him.

Curious, he got up and tried to find the source of the strange wave. Xelloss was also curious so he followed Zelgadiss from behind, he wandered if Lina and the others feel the wave like he and Zel did.

Back at the camp, Lina is giving Gourry a boot in the face for trying to steal her fish. Gourry's eyes are swirling from the effect. Sylphiel is busy healing her Gourry-sama. Amelia is once again spouting another of her justice nonsense to practically no one. Filia is trying to forcefeed Val into eating his meal and Val is trying hard to fend off Filia from force-feeding him his meal...-_-;

Zel pushed one stubborn branch that threatened to pull at his clothes, breaking another one as he trudge through the thick forest. Finally he came into a clearing after chopping another stubborn branch out of his way. The warmth sensation became more evident as he entered the clearing, he saw a small cottage by the stream. There an old man was sitting on an old wooden chair, his eyes shut tight as he leaned back agaisnt the chair. While his hands holding a smoking pipe. HIs hair was a shade of grey. Zel neared the old man but stopped when the old man slowly opened his eyes and looked at him. Zel's breath stopped short when he saw the man's eyes, it was a shade of purple almost similiar to...someone.

At first there was silence between them, then finally the silence was broken. "Took you long enough to get here, boy." He said calmly, smoking on his pipe. "Huh? What?" The man laughed, standing up from his chair as he tossed the pipe behind him.

"What are you waiting there for? Come right in, time doesn't wait for any man you know?"

Zel could only blinked intelligently, but he followed him in. "Oh, do ask your friend to come inside and join us. It's impolite to leave guests outside even if he is a mazoku."

"Huh?" - Both Zel and Xel.

Zel spun around and saw Xelloss. Growling, he let out a few Flare Arrows at the dumbfounded mazoku.


The old man sighed, shaking his head as he muttered something that sounded like young people today have less patience...

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