Episode One: Shock! Xellos has a Sister?!

Author's Notes

1. I don't own any of the characters so don't sue me.

2. This takes place during Sailor Moon episode 119 where the senshi find out Hotaru is Sailor Saturn.

3. I've been watching Slayers Next recently and noticed a similarity between Xellos and Hotaru. a) they're both mistrusted, b) they have the same hair style and color c) they both have purple eyes. So I thought it'd be neat to do a story where she was his long lost sister.

4. This is in an alternate Slayers timeline, Lina (or whoever) does not kill Garv.

Hotaru sat next to Chibi-Usa and the girls in the planetarium watching the displays as the famous DJ Thomas Harris narrated. She was enjoying the show as well as the company of her friends, especially Chibi-Usa the first friend she'd made in years.

She was really glad she could be with the little pink haired girl even if it was against her father's wishes. Actually it was against the wishes of his secretary, Kaolinite; she had become much too protective of her lately and Hotaru was beginning to feel shut in. She needed to get out and a show at the planetarium would be the perfect thing.

Unnoticed to her or Chibi-Usa, Usagi whispered to the other senshi beside her "Minna, Setsuna-san's here too. I think she wants to talk to us."

"Setsuna-san?" Rei asked and looked back toward the exit.

Standing next to the door, a tall woman with dark skin and long dark green hair stood. Staring straight at the young priestess with an emotionless gaze, she nodded in greeting. Rei nodded back indicating they'd be with her in a moment.

"I wonder what she wants to talk to us about? Does she have new information on the Death Busters?" Ami asked.

"I don't know, but I think we should go over there," said Rei.

Nodding, Usagi and the others followed the young girl without bothering to tell Chibi-Usa.

Meanwhile, in another world, a purple haired man stood before a much taller red-haired one wearing, of all things, a trench coat.

"Juu-ou-sama said you wished to see me Garv-sama." It was more of a statement than a question.

"Yes Xellos. As you know I've been traveling." Xellos nodded. "I've come across something I thought you'd be most interested in."

"And what is that Garv-sama?" he asked, his curiosity piqued. Whatever it was must be important for him to summon another mazoku lord's general/priest.

"Take a look at this, Xel-kun." The Chaos Dragon lord pulled out a golden ball the size of a small beach ball.

Xellos' eyes bugged out. "That's...!"

"Exactly. SHE gave it to me," said the red-haired man proudly. "You see, SHE allowed me just this once to travel to a few of HER other worlds and gave me this to show you what I found."

Xellos eagerly peered at the gold ball and slowly the gold began to swirl and a picture began to form. Inside the ball was the picture of a group of girls in what appeared to be sailor outfits, similar to the ones Lina and Amelia had dressed in.

He smiled at the memory of both girls' embarrassment. The girls seemed to be fighting some kind of monster and the blonde one with a hairdo similar to what Gourry had used while in drag pulled out a rod and destroyed the monster.

"Interesting indeed," said the mazoku priest.

"There's more Xel-kun," said Garv.

Xellos stared back into the ball and the picture swirled and a young girl with pink hair came into view. "What... is that?!" he said shrinking back a little.

"Beat's me," said the mazoku lord sympathizing with him. "Look at it's with." A secretive smile appeared on his face.

Curious, the mazoku peered back into the ball, slowly opening one eye. The pink haired girl was talking to another girl, slightly older than her.

She had pale skin and short purple hair in a style not unlike his own and equally purple eyes. Xellos could not tear his eyes from her.

"I thought that'd grab your attention Xel," Garv chuckled.

"Do you think she could be...?" asked Xellos.

"It's possible," Garv said with a grin. "Why don't you take this back to HER and ask if you could go see for yourself. After all, SHE wanted you to see that girl for a reason, ne?"

Xellos pondered the situation for a while then nodded. "I think I'll take this back to L-sama for you Garv-sama. Anything you wish me to tell HER?"

"Only thank you Xel-kun. I found it rather interesting and amusing traveling the other worlds."

He nodded and took the gold ball from him, smiling and vanished.

Several minutes had passed and Chibi-Usa or Hotaru still hadn't noticed their companions had left. So enraptured they were by the fascinating stories behind the stars, they kept staring at the ceiling.

Then all hell broke lose.

Suddenly, a girl in with short, curly, blonde hair opened her briefcase and smoke filled the planetarium. It coalesced into the form of a bird before disappearing and revealing a daimon.

It was female, like all the others had been, and was dressed in an outlandish, not to mention revealing, star costume. The girl who had released the daimon was now wearing yellow tights and a short black dress with a yellow miniskirt and was carrying a staff.

She spoke to the Daimon who had been shooting stars at the audience, and commanded it to extract the DJ's pure heart while she was to take care of the audience. Before doing anything, she asked Thomas for his autograph, but only got a chair thrown at her. Shrugging it off, she turned to the audience and waved her staff around.

"Charm... Buster!!" she yelled and thousands of stars shot from her staff, causing the audience to pass out.

Meanwhile, Hotaru and Chibi-Usa had made it safely to the railing of the balcony before the pale girl had to sit down again, clasping her chest in pain.

"Hotaru-chan? Are you all right?" asked the smaller, pink haired girl.

In the shadows, black clad figure watched as the taller girl held on to the railing, concern clearly written on his face. If she really is who SHE said she was, I ought to get her out of there, but now would not be a good idea, he thought as he saw two sailor suited women enter the planetarium.

"I'm all right. It's just a seizure. I'll be all right in a minute," she gasped.

"I have to get you to a hospital! Wait right there," said her friend as she ran off. I have to transform! she thought and looked for a place to do so.

Suddenly a figure stopped her. "Wait around a bit," said a deep, but feminine voice.

"Uranus!" she said. The tall blond senshi smiled and was about to reassure her when the planetarium doors burst open and five sailor suited figures appeared.

After the usual speech making, Mimete promptly disappeared and the Daimon, under her orders, began shooting stars at the sailor senshi. Before they could get any of their attacks off, a shooting star would come straight at them and force the senhsi to dodge or face certain death.

The dark figure laughed silently watching the senshi scramble like chickens with their heads cut off. These ningen are just as amusing as Lina-chan and her friends.

Suddenly a red streak came flying by and struck the daimons' head. As usual, Tuxedo Kamen had shown up in the nick of time. This angered the daimon of course and it began shooting stars at him. The girls, however were cowering behind a row of seats, for the stars were shooting in all directions now.

Hotaru's 'seizure' had gotten worse and her eyes went blank and she suddenly gave a gasp of pain, shooting her head up. A faint purple glow formed around her body and a stylized 'h' appeared on her forehead.

The senshi, both inner and outer, Chibi-Usa and Tuxedo Kamen stared at the weak, pale girl in awe.

"Just as I thought," said Uranus coldly.

"Hotaru-chan's..." began Jupiter.

"It can't be!" said Venus.

"She's a..." Mercury, this time.

"Sailor Senshi!" Sailor Moon finished.

Eh?! the figure stared as Hotaru began to float several inches above the floor and a purple aura surrounded her. That's not normal for a ningen. Suddenly a mark appeared on the girl's forehead. SHE said she was a senshi now, but that doesn't prove she's who she's supposed to be. He inched closer to the girl.

Hotaru's expression suddenly went from one of severe pain to one of utter hatred and her head snapped to look at the daimon. A beam of purple light shot from her and hit the daimon. All of the sudden, it found it had been immobilized.

That cinches it! It is her! the figure said. No ordinary ningen could do that. Besides, the energy she used is the same as mine.

This gave Sailor Moon the chance she needed. Producing the Holy Grail, she transformed to Super Sailor Moon and quickly disposed of the daimon and it reverted to an egg and a star-globe.

Sugoi! The figure stared with intense interest at Sailor Moon as she produced a cup out of thin air and felt a sudden surge of power flow to her and her costume changed. This "Sailor Moon" bears watching, but it's a shame SHE didn't give me much time in this world.

That would have been the end of the chaos, but suddenly everyone heard:

"World... Shaking!"

"Deep... Submerge!"

"Dead... Scream!"

The outer senshi were attacking and no one knew why. The three attacks merged and headed straight for Hotaru, who was still in some sort of trance and unable to defend herself.

Oh no you don't! he thought as the three older senshi sent their spells at Hotaru. He put away his staff and quickly rushed to save the defenseless girl.

Chibi-Usa screamed and ran toward her friend with Super Sailor Moon close behind.

Before either moon senshi could reach her, a black streak ran past them and knocked Hotaru out of the way before the attacks hit.

"Yare, yare. Three against one defenseless little girl?"

The senshi looked up to see a man with purple hair in a similar style to Hotaru's holding the now unconscious girl in his arms floating in mid-air. Uranus and Neptune glared at him threateningly. Usagi and the others, just stared not sure if this newcomer was a Death Buster or not.

"That wasn't very nice," he tsked.

"Who are you?" said Pluto aiming her staff at him.

"That's a rather nice staff you have there, Pluto-san. Almost as nice as mine," he said producing a wooden staff out of thin air, smiling with his eyes closed as he aimed it at her.

"Release her at once!" yelled Uranus.

"What ever for Uranus-chan? So you three could kill her?" Uranus growled and readied another attack. It was his turn to glare at the outer senshi, his amethyst eyes reflecting his anger. "Sorry ladies, I'd like to stay and chat, but I must be going," he said with mock politeness.

"And what do you intend to do with Hotaru-chan?" asked Mercury, who'd been scanning him with her visor and computer.

"Now, now Mercury-chan," he said wagging his finger, "sore wa himitsu desu." He then promptly vanished, taking Hotaru with him.

"Hotaru-chan!" Usagi, Chibi-Usa and other inner senshi yelled as the shock wore off.

Hotaru woke to find she was lying on a large bed covered with black and purple satin sheets. She looked around and saw was in a room of some sort. Beside her, a candle glowed, chasing away the darkness only a little bit.

Seated on a chair wa a man with short violet hair in a style like hers. He was dressed in a yellow shirt and black pants, a black cape was draped over the back of the chair.

His eyes were closed and a gnarled staff with a ruby set at the top leaned against him. 'Seeing' she was awake, he smiled and opened his eyes.

"Feeling better?" he asked startling her.

"Gomen nasai. I thought you were asleep. I didn't mean to be rude," she said staring at the strange man. His resemblance to her was making her a little uncomfortable.


"Your eyes were closed so I thought you were sleeping."

"Oh sorry about that. I do have a nasty habit of keeping them closed. There is that better?" he asked opening his eyes again to reveal a pair of dark amethysts, matching hers.

Hotaru didn't know why, but she got an uneasy, yet somehow familiar feeling seeing this stranger with purple hair and strange cat-like eyes. However, she forced herself to calm down and smile back at him.

"Um, ano..." she began.

"Where am I?" he finished for her, casting a light spell. She nodded.

She could see she was indeed in a room, but not like any she'd ever seen. It was more of a cave than a room. The walls were solid stone, laced with phosporescent veins running through here and there. The only furniture she could see was, the bed, chair and nightstand beside the bed.

"You're at my home, or I should say our home, Xylia-chan. It's quite safe here," he said placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Xylia? Um, my name's Hotaru. You must think I'm someone else."

"I know who you were in that world Xylia-chan, but that doesn't change a thing. You see L-sama doesn't lie. You're still my little imouto-chan." With that, he glomped onto her, causing her to 'eep' in shock.

"Oh silly me. Where are my manners?" he giggled. "I haven't introduced myself have I? I am Xellos, the mysterious priest and your onii-chan."

"Onii-chan?! I don't have any siblings! Papa would have told me if I had!" Hotaru backed away from Xellos.

"He never told you because he didn't know," he said mater-of-factly. "You see, your papa isn't your papa. You're from this world Xylia-chan. You're mazoku, just like me or at least part mazoku now." He smiled at that.

"Mazoku? Uso yo! (It's a lie!)"

"Is it imouto-chan?"

She looked at the mazoku priest before her when the light in the room suddenly grew brighter. There was an uncanny resemblance. Their hair and eye color were the same. They both were rather pale skinned and she recalled how at times her eyes appeared to be slitted when she turned her head a certain way while looking in a mirror.

Then there was her healing power and the recent series of incidents that occured to those around her. Too many people had gotten hurt whenever she was nearby.

Maybe it is true, she thought.

"You don't have to believe me right away, Xylia-chan. Get some more rest. You've just been healed of the creature inside you so you won't have to worry about anymore seizures." He closed his eyes and smiled as he turned to leave.

"Ano... Xellos-san." He turned back. "Thank you for saving me. But what do you mean a creature inside me?"

"You're welcome little imouto-chan." She blushed when he looked at her with those slitted eyes of his. "It's a little late for explanations don't you think, and I'm sure you're still a little tired, ne?" She nodded.

"Are Usagi-san and Chibi-Usa-chan all right? Where are they?" she asked frantically as she suddenly remembered her friends were still at the planetarium.

"They're all right Xylia-chan, just get some rest. We'll talk later, ne?" Before she could say anything else, he vanished into thin air. "Oyasumi imouto-chan," came his disembodied voice.

Xellos... onii-san...? she thought. Seeing the answers would have to wait, she decided to take the mazoku priest's advice and get some more sleep as she had not fully recovered from her earlier seizure.

Xellas Metallium sat lounging on her chair, sipping her usual glass of Zephilian wine. Xellos stood before her. "And how is our guest doing, Xel?" the mazoku lord asked between sips.

"Still a bit weak Juuou-sama, but she'll make a full recovery with a few hours or so."

"Good. Now do you care to explain what a human is doing in MY castle?! Lina I can understand, but this is not a hotel! You can't bring home every stray you come across, Xellos!" she yelled.

The mazoku priest inwardly gulped, not daring to show any fear in front of his mistress. "Ano, Juuou-sama, this one's special. I can explain really," he stammered.

This should be interesting, she thought with a smile. "I'm waiting, Xel."

"You see, that girl's... well, she's my sister."

"Oh, is that all? She's WHAT?!" The mazoku lord ungracefully spat the wine due to the sudden shock. "I thought she was lost to us during the war with the Ryuuzoku."

"I thought so as well, Juuou-sama. But you do remember when Garv-sama sent for me?" She nodded. "It was to show me something L-sama had given him. Through this object I saw Xylia with a bunch of ningen girls in sailor outfits."

"Now why would a mazoku general be doing with a bunch of little girls?" Xellas mused.

"I wondered that as well, so I returned the object to L-sama and asked HER herself."

"That was very foolish of you Xellos! SHE could have killed you for disturbing her!"

"I know, Juuou-sama, but SHE was actually expecting me. You see SHE wanted me to bring Xylia back here from the world she was on."

"You went to another world?! I thought SHE forbade travel between worlds!" Xellas was now very intrigued with her priest's tale.

"She allowed Garv-sama and me to travel. I fear she has something planned for this world," he said hoping his mistress would not press him for details. L-sama had very strongly told him not to reveal anything to anyone of the world he traveled to.

"I fear you may be right, Xel," she said as she refilled her glass. "While you were gone, I got another message from Garv saying that Grausherra has been gathering stray mazoku to his stronghold up north."

"Yare, yare. He finally got sick and tired of all that snow, huh?"

"Whatever it is I want you and your sister, when she's recovered, to go to Garv's and find out what you can. If Dynast is planning a war, it may ruin my plans."

"Understood. May I bring Lina-chan along? She may prove to be useful."

Xellas considered his request for a moment. Lina is capable of using HER magic, but if Dynast is after her... She broke her train of thought and looked at her servant. "Very well, Xel. You can bring her along, but the order of not letting her be in any danger remains, is that clear?"

"Hai, Juuou-sama," he said bowing.

The mazoku lord went back to her wine, silently dismissing him. Xellos' brow furrowed, then he phased out of Xellas' throne room.

Lina Inverse had just finished dinner and was planning on taking advantage of the inn's complimentary access to the bathhouse when a pair of gloved hands glomped her from behind, making her shriek.

"Hello Lina-chan, did you miss me?" Xellos said smiling.

"Dammit Xellos, how many times do I have to tell you not to do that?!" she managed after the initial shock wore off.

"Lina?" came Gourry's voice from the hall. "Are you ok? I heard you scream."

"I'm all right Gourry. It's just Xellos playing one of his tricks again," she answered not bothering to open the door.

"Oh ok. I'll be down the hall if you need me," he said then the sound of footsteps was heard as the blond swordsman left for his room.

"He's still following you?" the mazoku priest asked.

"Yeah, well you know how he feels about me," she said removing her cape.

"Just don't forget how I feel about you, pet." Xellos nibbled her neck then bit.

Lina then promptly turned in his arms and gave him a good hard smack. He sighed from the pleasure. "Fruitcake. Do you mind? I was about to take a dip in the bath," she said as she proceeded to remove the rest of her outfit.

"Can I join you?" he asked giving her an appraising look.

Lina was about to fireball the ecchi minded mazoku, but decided against it since it would only please him more, besides she was feeling a little lonely. Gourry was a great guy, but she only thought of him as an older brother or a loyal puppy dog. It had been too long since she last seen Xellos and there he was just when she was starting to wonder about him.

"All right, you can come along, but if you try anything and you're Luguna Blade food. Got it?" She said grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her underwear clad body.

The mazoku priest smiled. He knew just how to push her buttons, it would only be a matter of minutes before she'd grow tired of bathing and want to 'retire' for the night. However, he had more pressing things to worry about at the moment. "Lina-chan, we need to talk," he said as he walked with her toward the bathhouse.

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