Chapter 5: On to Zefillia!

Sunlights. They are so annoying! Why on earth are there sunlights when I usually draw the curtains to block 'em?? Lina groaned and opened her eyes. She got up halfway to look around and fell back to the ground groaning. Great! We're not home!

Lina got up grudgingly. Everyone else was already up. Filia was the only one still asleep. Xelloss decided to use this opportunity to tickle her. That was a bad mistake. Xelloss soon fell over as Filia's leg went flying hit him in the area between his leg. There Xelloss was moaning in pain on the ground, while Filia got up as if nothing happened at all. Meanwhile the whole gang but Tobias and Zel were cracking their head off.

"Good morning!" Filia said cheerfully. She looked at Xelloss still on the ground. "What the hell happened to you?"

Valgaav still laughing hard managed to say something; "Yo-You kicked him in the balls!!" Valgaav had to bend over, because he was laughing so hard.

Filia looked dismayed. "I did?? I kicked that Namagomi's balls??"

Zel finally couldn't hold back his laughter. He was starting to laugh his head off too. "Yes Filia. Haha. I'm afraid you did! And it was a fairly accurate kick too!"

After about 5 minutes the whole gang calmed down, and Xelloss felt "better".

"That was priceless! Too bad I didn't have my camera!" Lina grinned at Xelloss who looked pained.

"You guys!" He whined. "It's not funny!"

Filia scowled at him. "Well I heard the entire thing from Amelia. Seems to me you downright deserved it!"

Xelloss couldn't think of any comebacks for that.

Tobias than announced; "We're close to Zefillia now. After continuing walking through the woods, we'll come across a canyon with a rope bridge."

" the bridge shaky?" Sylphiel asked timidly.

Tobias nodded. "It is. So everyone be careful over there."

Gourry put his arm around Sylphiel protectively. "Don't worry Syl-chan! I'll protect you!"

Sylphiel gave Gourry a relieved look. "Thanks."

Xelloss made a gagging motion. "I think I'm going to be sick."

Valgaav punched him. "You're just jealous because you don't get to do that..." Val got interrupted when Xelloss put a hand over his mouth. Xelloss leaned over and growled softly at him. "You keep quiet." He let Val go. Fortunately for Xelloss, Filia and the whole gangs were too busy walking to notice what happened.

Zel kept glancing back at Lina. Is she okay about the kiss last night? I hope she's okay with it.

They soon got to the bridge. Everyone but Tobias, Zel, and Xelloss had a weird expression. Even Lina looked sick...

"Ano...that's the bridge we have to cross over?" Lina asked looking at the bridge.

The bridge was a robe bridge...barely hanging there. It did not look sturdy at all.

Tobias nodded. "Yep." He looked at everyone. "Who's first?"

Xelloss stepped forward. "I'll go."

Xelloss placed one foot on bridge with his eyes closed. After putting down his other foot on the bridge, he opened his eyes when he realized that he wasn't going to fall.

When he got to the other side safely he yelled, "Hey it wasn't that bad! Come on over!"

Everyone but Tobias looked at each other and shrugged. Tobias crossed next. Then Valgaav, Lina, Sylphiel, Gourry, and Amelia. Zel was waiting for all his friends to go first. Zel started to cross with no problem. However when he was almost at his destination, the rope bridge gave out.

"ZEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!" Lina screamed. She ran to the edge of the cliff and saw Zel was hanging onto it for his dear life. "Zel!! Give me your hand!" Lina got on the ground and reached her arm as far as it can go. Zel reached up and grabbed his hands in hers. Lina tried to pull him back up, but some unknown force pulled Zel off and the next thing Lina saw, was that he was falling down to his doom.


All of the sudden, Zel slowed down and soon was standing above thin air!

Amelia looked at Tobias in awed. "He's using magic..." Everyone stared at him, but then they turned their attention back to Zel again for this time he was soaring back up. He landed in front of Lina.

Lina just stared ahead. She was in shock. I...I just saw him falling toward his death...and the next thing I know he was coming back up and now he's in front of me. Is this a dream?

Zel became concerned. "Lina?" He gently touched her shoulder. That seemed to have shaken Lina out of her the trance. Lina looked up slowly, still in dazed. She shook her head very fast and looked up again. Zel leaned down, with concern in his eyes. All of the sudden Lina threw her arms around Zel and hugged him tight.

"Li--Lina?" Zel asked shocked. He looked at his friends that were coming near. They either just shrugged or just looked as bewildered as he was.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry for loosing my grip!" Lina said quietly. I almost lost him...I almost did.

Zel just smiled and hugged her back. "It's ok Lina. It's ok. It's not your fault." Zel rubbed her back in a comforting way.

Lina looked up and her eyes looked wet. "Still...I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." She then got up and walked away. Zel got up from his position looking a bit dazed.

Xelloss cleared his throat. "So Tobias," Xelloss looked over toward him. "How far is Zefillia now?"

"Just over that hill over there." Tobias pointed toward the hill, which was about a mile away. "Come. Let's go."

Lina walked ahead of everyone. She was embarrassed. I can't believe I just almost lost it in front of him and everyone else. This so got to be a nightmare.

After more walking, they stood on top of the hill. Tobias sighed. "We're home." Below the hill was a very busy looking wine town, with a castle in the middle. Tobias looked at the whole gang. "Shall we go on?"

They all nodded and started walking toward the town.

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