Part 2


navy = flashback

First period was over and Ani and Arem were walking out together.

"So what do you have next?" Ani asked.

"Here just look at my schedule." He handed her his schedule.

"Lessee..." she murmered, "Whoah! You and I have the exact same schedule! What a coincidence." She handed it back to him and smiled at him.

"I guess."

"So where are you from anyways?"

"Atlas City."

"I've been there once. Although my hometown is Zefillia, most of my friends all moved here from wherever, for Seyrunne has the best high school."

Arem turned to look at Ani. "You're from Zefillia?" He asked with a strange look on his face. Why does that sounds familiar?

"Hai..." Ani said quietly looking at him wondering what was wrong.

"Lets go to the next class..."


Several classes later, during lunch time...

"Hi love!" Lina ran to Zam and gave him a kiss. She then turned to look at Arem.

"Hey guys! Meet Arem! He's cool! He just moved here from Atlas City. It's ok if he eats with us right?"

Every nodded and a chorus of "hellos" and "nice to meet you" went around.

"So Arem, what is your specialty?" Raki asked.


"So you like it here so far?"

Arem stared at Cit. "You're the mayor's daughter right?"

"Yes! We use justice as our strategy! Justice is the key to everything!" Cit jumped onto the table enthusiastically.

Everyone sweat dropped.

"Well anyways," Ani continued, "Zam and I specialize in Black magic, I also specialize in the fire portion of Shamanism. Raki here is our star swordsman. Cit and Gaari are both white magic users. The twins Cam and Lav are both dragons so they specialize in Ryuuzoku magic."

Arem looked around the table. "Interesting. This is a well balanced group."

"Yeah. That's why the whole school doesn't mess with us. They know by now that if they mess with one of us, the whole group gang up on them!" Ani shouted cracking her knuckles.

Arem nodded.

Arem saw 2 people standing looking at a burnt ruin town. One of them was wrapped up like a mummy. The other had on a beige ensemble with the hood and face covering over him. Arem heard the beige dude say this: "So the rumors are true...she is pretty powerful".

"Oi Arem? Daijoubu ka?" asked Ani with concern look on her face.

"Hai..." was his curt answer.

"So want to hang out with us after school?" asked Zam with a goony smile on his face.

"Sure why not."

"Ok. Meet us in the courtyard after school ok? You know where it is right?"

"Yes. Well Ani I'll see you in the next class." With that Arem got up and left.

"Ok Namagomi! What are you up too??" Cam asked with her mace in hand.

"Eh? Nothing Cam-chan. Now I have to have reasons to be nice to someone?" Zam whined.


"Sore wa -- "

" -- himitsu desu..." Cam and everyone finished.

"Come on Ani-chan. Let's leave a bit early today ne?"

"What are you up to Zam?" Ani asked warily.

"Nothing! I just want to spend some time with my girl!"

"Ok. See ya guys later." Both Zam and Ani left.

Cam was staring after them, mainly staring at Xelloss.

"Ne looks like my twin sis has a crush on someone!" said Lav.

"DAMARE!" Cam shouted.

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