Chapter 2: Bad Encounter!

Zelgadiss looked up from his daily studies, and realized that darkness had already come upon all over Hanyang. He decided to put away his study materials and decided to get ready for "bed". He called Gourry in.

"Dae sin. I'm going to go to bed now. Please guard my room well okay?"

"Yes mama! You can count on me!" Gourry bowed and left.

Zel rolled his eyes and started to change to Yang ban (1) style clothes. As he was changing, he heard tapping noises. He listened carefully and realized that it was Val tapping on his secret entrance. He went to the secret door, which was covered with all these stuff the author doesn't have a clue what it's called, and opened it so Val could come in.

"You almost ready?" Val asked in a hushed whisper. Val already changed out of his normal outfit and put on some regular Yang ban outfits too.

Zel nodded. He quickly got dressed, and then motioned Val to be quiet. He blew out his candle. They stood still for a few minutes, listening into the darkness. Few moments later, they heard the sound they were looking for; Gourry's snoring. They smiled at each in the darkness and quietly as possible, snuck out the secret door. After they snuck out the palace wall, they breathed out of relief.

"Well that wasn't too bad compare to last time now was it?" Val smirked.

"Oh shut up. Last time we nearly got caught, because of your loud mouth!" Zel snapped back. "Now let's go before they catch us!"

Val nodded and the two young men walked down the village road as if they were common noblemen.


"OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!" Naga, the Gi Seng Um Ma, laughed out loud at one of her newest girl. "What do you mean you don't want to sell your body to all those nice noblemen? You are a strange girl? Why'd you become a Gi Seng, if you don't want to keep the customers happy?"

Lina scowled at Naga, who was supposedly her boss. "I thought you could just give them drinks and then leave. I didn't know you had to stay with them the whole night!"

"OHOHOHOHO!" Lina cringed. "Where have you been child?"

Lina shrugged. "I don't know. I've been migrating all over the place looking for jobs and stuff so I could keep on living."

"Well I can tell you probably been on a verge of poverty, since you aren't even fully developed..." Naga got interrupted by Lina standing up with an evil expression on her face.

"Well if you are just gonna insult my figure, then I am going to leave!!" Lina got her belongings and slipped on her slippers and was stomping toward the entrance. Naga quickly got up and started to run after her.

"OHOHOHO! Don't go! We are short-handed and we'd love for you to join us!" Naga ran and caught her by the arm. Lina turned around and glared at her, not noticing that the other Gi Sengs were staring at her, and pointing at her.

"Like hell would I work for you! Those that insults me deserve to just die!" Lina shouted. She yanked out of Naga's grip and ran out the gate. She turned around the corner and BANG!! Crashed into something...or someone.

"OWW!!" Lina shouted, falling onto the ground on her butt.

"...What just crashed into me??" The mysterious someone fortunately kept its balance, but was hanging onto the wall for balance.

Lina looked up and saw a Yang ban guy staring down upon her. She saw that he had another person next to him. Both of them looked at her strangely. She didn't like how they were looking at her, so she glared at them. She heard someone coming up behind her and saw that it was Naga. She turned and glared at the two men in front of her. So I just crashed into another stupid noblemen that want sex from that damn house huh?

"Oh my!" Naga stopped and saw that these were maybe her customers. "I am so sorry!" Naga bowed to them, and motioned them to come in.

"It's alright." One of the figured replied. He bent over and offered his hand to Lina. "Are you okay?"

Lina stared at his hand huffily accepted it. "Yes I am fine, but why the hell would you care?"

The man smirked, while the other just stared at her with utmost shock. "Well next time, if you want to run like that, make sure you look around the corner before running." He let go of her hand, and turned to Naga. Now this is one unusual girl...

"Don't act so formal Naga. It's your usual midnight customers." Zel smirked.

Naga's eyes went wide and turned toward Lina. "OHOHOHO!! You got no manners do you girl. Apologize to him and be polite to him!"

"Why should I? Give me damn reason why I should." Lina tossed her long braid back and stared at Naga with distaste.

"OHOHOHOHO! You are staring at King, mind you!"

Lina's eyes went wider than Naga's, and stepped backward. "The King? You're kidding! Why the hell would the king be out at some stupid whore house in the middle of the night??"

"Perhaps because the king has nothing better to do and also because he got dragged into it." Zel answered dryly.

"Who dragged you?" Lina was curious.

Zel nodded to the guy next to him. "My buddy here did."

"Figured. My assumptions of the kings here were right. They are all sex-crazed, disloyal, bastards." Lina smirked.

Zel continued to smirk. He leaned over and said quietly, "Perhaps, but not this king." He composed himself and turned toward Val. "Share or separate rooms?"

Val shook himself out of his shock state. "Separate."

Zel nodded. "Naga, please get us separate rooms."

Naga bowed and yanked Lina toward the building. "Lina. I know you don't want to stay here, but stay here for the night and leave tomorrow morning. How about that?"

Lina wearily looked at Naga. Okay what's with the change of attitude? "Fine." She reluctantly followed her back to the Gi Seng Jib.

Val came into Zel's room, while they waited for the women to come in.

"Dang...that girl you crashed into is really different from most women here. She isn't a bit dignified or whatever. She sure must have been hard to handle by her parents."

Zel just stared at him. "I guess." I normally can't stand rude women, but something about her seems different. She seems more spirited than the other women...

Val shrugged. "Weird...well..." He smiled evilly. "Have fun tonight!" With that he left Zel alone.

As soon as Val left, Zel called in Naga. She came in and bowed to him.

"Naga...I would like that girl to come in tonight."

"You don't mean Lina? The one who was very rude to you?"

"Yes her."

"Surely you don't mean it. She's hard to handle and..."

"Are you questioning my request?" Zel asked coldly.

"OHOHOHOHO! Never mama! I'll go get her, but I have to warn you. She will not have sex with you...actually with no one..." Naga stood up and left the room after bowing to him.

Zel smirked. "So she won't have sex with me or anyone eh? She's pretty interesting...


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