Chapter 2: Xelloss' Next Experiment: Dragons and Foods

"Blah blah blah..." Xelloss mumbled to himself. "It's been 18 years since I did that experiment. My mind is going crazy. I need to try that experiment again." Xelloss grabbed his staff, which was leaned against the wall. "Good thing Filia doesn't know the dragon temple that well. There are many hidden rooms such as this one. If she knew about this, she'd be coming at me with her mace for the next eternity. Not that I wouldn't mind..." Xelloss smirked to himself.

Xelloss mind flashbacked to the day of the quadruple wedding. The wedding was a huge success although there were some minor setbacks. Lina saw some boy trying to steal the wedding cake, and almost destroyed Sairoon with her Dragon Slave. Amelia tripped on her own wedding dress while coming down the aisle, causing Phil to fall with her also. Gourry totally forgot about the wedding ring, so everyone had to wait for him while he searched the room he was sharing with Sylphiel for awhile. Filia and the priest had an argument about letting her have her mace with her during the wedding, while the priest refused to have something violent looking in his church. Amelia and Wufei gave the priest a hard time during the vows, for he forgot to mentioned justice in there. That went on for quite awhile. After oh about 7 hours, they were all finally married off. Thinking about it caused Xelloss to sweatdropped.

"Well now we are all in different parts of the world. Filia, Val and I have taken over the Temple of the Fire Dragon King. We're the only living soul there, but it doesn't particularly matter. Zel and Lina are in Zefillia. Amelia and Wufei are of course in Sairoon, while Gourry and Sylphiel are happily settled in Neo-Sairaag. We are all living happily ever after. Life is such a fairy tale." Xelloss got up and went back to his experiment.

He started to mumble some incantations, and started waving his arms in the air. Not to mention he was concentrating hard.


"Mmm...Sejiro-kun..." Mioika murmered. Sejiro kissed her again, and again. Mioika hands traveled down his back. However one hand was straying toward where her scythe was on the ground. The two lovers were too busy making out to notice that black clouds have formed above them. If Sejiro have noticed he'd have wondered, for they were in his gigantic lab with all the scientific equipments, and it was merely impossible to have any clouds indoors. They didn't notice till it was too late. Both of them simultaneously noticed that they were being lifted up through the vortex, also noticing that the black clouds were everywhere above the lab. Suddenly the whole thing was consumed through it, people and the lab...

In Zefillia...

"Zelgadiss! Lance! Supper!" Lina called through the window of their small cottage. Zelgadiss came in the house first, his familiar beige cloak was long gone since Lina made him swore that he'll never wear that hideous thing again. Now a simple white tunic, with navy blue slacks replaced it. He was technically 39, but his body remained of that of a 21-year-old male. His chimeran form allows Zel to age very slowly. Same with Lina, although she had a different reason. She was now 36 years old with the body of an 18-year-old. Her aging process slowed down, since she had used the Lord of Nightmares spells. Instead of her sorceress garbs, she was at this moment wearing flowered pattern sundress, with his fiery red hair flowing naturally.

Behind Zelgadiss came Lance, their 18-year-old son. Lance had his father's hairstyle and color, with his mother's crimson red eyes. He has a calm and wild personality, from both parents, however he has his mother's appetite, and her love for treasures. He excels in both Shamanism and Black magic with some knowledge of white magic. He's not shabby with swords either. He didn't acquire any of the chimeran sense, but good hearing and his father's speed. He came running into the cottage, for he was starving like his mother. They sat down at the table, where piles and piles of food were there. For her love of food, Lina is actually a superb cook, but Sylphiel is better.

Zel noticed some black clouds through the window, but ignored it. As they were getting ready eat, a raven-haired girl with blond streaks, in ninja garbed landed on Lina's and Lance's precious food. All four of them froze in their spots, all staring at each other. Suddenly Lina started to throw spells after spells at the poor girl.

"FIREBALL! ELMEKIA LANCE! FLARE ARROW!" Lina screamed all the known spell in her mind. The girl in the meantime was up and running out of the cottage, easily dodging her spells, for she was quick and nimble.

"DAD!! Calm mom down before she kill all of us with her Dragon Slave!" Lance yelled at Zel, and started to chase after the girl. "Damn...she's pretty fast, but...can she outspeed me? RAYWING!" Lance sped after her and caught up with her easily. He got her arm and twisted them behind her. "ITAI!!" the girl cried in pain. "Ok girlie. You got some explaining to do. I am not exactly happy about you ruining our meal, in fact I am beyond pissed, but not as pissed as mom. You seriously got some explaining to do."

The girl gave him a dirty look. "You better let me go, or you will regret what you are doing to me." She said this acidily. "You'll be sorry!"

"...Look you are coming back to the cottage whether you like it or -- " Lance was cut off by her back kicking the area between his legs. He let go of her as he was moaning and clutching the painful place. However Zel came at that moment and grabbed the girl. He looked at his son. That got to be painful...

"Come on son, let's go back to your mother." They went back, dragging a very sullen girl who was trying her best to get out of Zel's gripped, but wasn't succeeding. Lance followed them more slowly. They got back to Lina, who was scowling at the girl, and scowled more when she saw that she had hurt her son. "WHAT IN L-SAMA NAME DID YOU DO TO MY SON???"

"Mom! It's ok. I'll be fine," Lance lied. "Calm down."

Lina crossed her arms and gave the girl a surly stare. "Who are you? And how in the world did you come to our cottage and landed on our dinner???"

The girl just gave her an even crankier stare at Lina before answering. "I'll answer, but would you let me go?" Zel looked over the girl's head, for she was short, and had a conversation with his wife via the eyes. Lina nodded. Zel let her go. The girl got away from Zel and stood nearby, clutching her scythe with her.

"Ok first off, do you have a name?" Zel asked her calmly.

"My name is Kiroshika Mioika. I go by Mioika."

"Ok Mioika...where are you from?"

"Tokyo." The Graywords glanced at each other, puzzled by her answer.

"Any idea on how you could have gotten here?" Lina asked.

"My boyfriend and I were making out, and we felt some magnetic force that were lifting us up, and we saw black clouds above us. The next thing I know that I am here."

"Come to think of it...I did notice some black clouds outside before she came popping out of nowhere." Zel remarked.

"Really?" Lina looked surprised.

"Yes...and the last time there were black clouds like that was when..." Zel and Lina looked at each other. "XELLOSS!" They shouted in unison.

"That Fruitcake did it again," Zel said.

"Uh dad? Mom? What's going on?" Lance looked so confuse, as well as Mioika was.

The two married couple looked at each other. "Looks like we have to go to the Temple of the Fire Dragon King ne?" Lina asked Zel with mischief gleaming in her eyes.

"Hai. Son are you up for a trip?" Zel turned around to his son.

"SURE! Are we going to fry bandits and go treasure hunting also??" Lance asked enthusiastically.

"Eh..." Zel sweatdropped then turned toward Mioika. "Well Miss. Are you up for a trip?"

She stared at them surly. "I supposed. I haven't got any choice here now do I? Could you please explain to me where I am?"

"Yeah. After we pack up. While we are going, Lance here could explain everything to you." Lina shoved him toward her.

"ME? WHY ME??" Lance wasn't happy. Neither was Mioika.

"Well...looks like we are going to go see the Fruitcake. Let's see what's up with all these crazy experiments." Zel clapped his hands. "Lets go."

At the Temple of the Fire Dragon King...

"Val!" Filia shouted. "Have you seen your father?"

"No mom!"

Now where in the world is that namagomi? He's never around when you need him! Then again he is a good father to Val. Filia stared at her grown adopted son. He looks exactly like Valgaav did except he doesn't have that evil expression. I am glad he doesn't have any recollections of the past. I want our son to grow up normally. I wonder when Lance will come here...those two are such good friends.

"MOM! LOOK OUT!" Val's screamed jolted his mom out of her daydream.

Filia looked up and saw black clouds and something big coming toward her. Filia tried to get out of the way, but it was too late. Sejiro's lab and himself landed right on top of Filia. We are talking several tons here...His lab is the size of a football field!

"MOM!!!" Val let out an anguished cry.

"Oh...? Where am I?" Sejiro blinked a couple of times and looked around. "I see an aqua haired gentleman over there screaming...AHHHHH!" Sejiro screamed as Xelloss teleported right in front of his face. "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU...YOU DEMON!!"

Val sweatdropped. "Well technically he is a demon..."

Suddenly Sejiro and his lab went flying through the air and landed nearby. Out popped out Filia with her tail sticking out with her mace. She gave Xelloss a death look. "NAMAGOMI!! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME??"

Xelloss backed away from his wife. "Now now dear...don't get hasty -- " Xelloss was cut off by meeting with her mace. He went flying through the air and landed on top of poor Sejiro.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? DID YOU DO ANOTHER CRAZY EXPERIMENT AND MADE IT LAND ON ME ON PURPOSE??" Filia stalked over to where Xelloss was with a very frightened Sejiro.

"MOM! Calm down!!" Val tried to restrain his mother, but instead failed.


"Well put it simply...I just did another one of that experiment."

Sejiro's ears perked up. "Experiment? What experiment??"

"Well's kind of complicated to answer, but let us all tell you the facts and history of where you are..."

"But where am I?"

"On the Sea of Chaos..."

"I'm on the Sea of Chaos?" Mioika asked Lance. Those two were behind, while Lance's parents were ahead.

"Yes..." Lance stretched his arms. "This is one of Lord of Nightmares' creation."

"Lord of Nightmare...who's that?"

Lance sighed. This is going to take forever...

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