Part 20

Zelgadiss ran through the long hallway of the church the wedding was taking place in. He could hear his own footsteps pounding on the floor, echoing at every step. He was frantic. He had to catch up with her. He had to. The way she pantomimed the good bye to him felt like she was saying goodbye to him forever. It just seemed so final. It just felt like that to him. He turned a sharp turn around the corner. Another long hallway was left for him to run through.

Jesus...she just had to pick a humongous church for the wedding... Zel finally saw the exit, and ran faster to it. Please let her be near... Zel shoved the door opened and looked around the place anxiously, trying to find a girl with fiery red hair, with crimson ruby eyes. He didn't see her anywhere. Then he remembered that she might have went to the park he saw her the other day. Zelgadiss ran to his car and got in there and drove as fast as he could to the park.

He got there soon. He ran out of the car, getting strange looks from people, for he was still in his tux. He went to the area he saw her the other day and prayed to himself that she was there. She was. He saw her sitting at the bench outside. He saw her, and she was...crying?? Why is she crying?? Why??

Zelgadiss walked up to her softly. Lina was sitting on the bench with her legs up to her chest. Zelgadiss thought that she looked so sad and lonely, like a little child. It pained Zelgadiss to see her like this. He just wanted her to be happy. He quit daydreaming and gently put a hand on her shoulder. Lina jumped, for she was to engross in her thoughts and didn't even hear Zel come up. She looked up to him, with her tear-stained face. Shock was written all over her face, as she composed herself.

"Zel!" Lina quickly stood up and wiped her face. "What are you doing here? Is the wedding already over? That seemed a little quick..." Before she could finish, Zel interrupted her by kissing her gently on the lips. Lina gasped in surprised, but didn't stop the kiss. They stayed like that for a few minutes, although it felt like a millennia to them, and broke the kiss, gasping for air.

Zel and Lina stared at each other. Lina had a confused expression, while Zel just looked content. Lina opened her mouth to speak, but Zel shushed her. He knew what she was going to say. "Lina...I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I...I love you. You're the one I love." Zelgadiss reached and grabbed her hands. "You're the best thing about me. You're the only my heart wants. You told me to follow my heart...well here I am..." Zelgadiss looked at her nervously. What will she think of me? Will she think I'm a desperate guy wanting to have sex with her or something?

Lina stepped backward in dazed. Am I hearing things? Did I just hear him confess his love for me? Am I going insane? But...this doesn't seem like a dream. I was just crying my heart out, and I don't ever cry in my dreams...well at least not for a loooong time, but still. It can't be a dream. It must be real... Lina chose that moment to pinch herself to make sure that she wasn't dreaming. OUCH! Nope it's reality...

Zel looked at her in concerned. Um...does she think this is a dream? Must be for I just saw her pinch herself. Well maybe I have to prove it to her some more that this isn't a dream. Zel smiled playfully and wrapped his arms around her, engulfing the two of them in a hug. Lina buried her face in his chest, and he held her closer.

"Zel...Oppa ...You mean it? You really do love me?" Lina asked him softly.

"Yes." Zel whispered, "I love you Lina Inverse. It was you all along."

"I love you too Oppa. I love you too." Lina felt her eyes welled up with tears. "I..."

"I'm sorry. I was...I was too into making my parents happy. But their happiness is not worth it compared to yours or mine..."

Lina looked up at him. "Zel..." I know I am enjoying this...but why? I feel so dizzy. I feel like I am walking on clouds. Lina tried to focus so she could enjoy this moment. She took a step back but that was a mistake. Lina felt so light-headed. Her eyes rolled backward, and started to fall. The last thing she remembers is that Zel caught her, and she heard his distressed voice screaming her name.

Much Later

Zel paced around the waiting room for the fourth time in his life for a woman. Why is it that I'm always involved in some sort of accident or hospital related stuff? Why does it have to happen to people that I care about. Well except for Amelia that is. But Lina...this is twice. First time was a car accident. This time...what is wrong with her? She did look pale lately, and exhausted, but I figure it was just some flu or lack of sleep. What could be wrong with her?

Xel and Filia were there, including his parents, Amelia, Phil and Lina's family. His parents were worried, but they were still upset about the wedding. Lina's mom was hysterical. It took Filia and his mom forever to calm her down. Amelia just sat down in the waiting room chair and just stared at her hands. Phil just had a grumpy look on his face, for Zel had walked out of his daughter's wedding. Xelloss was pacing around the room like Zelgadiss was doing. Finally Zel's parents, Phil, and Lina's father and brother yelled at them to stop pacing around, for it was making them dizzy.

Xelloss sat down next to Filia. Filia didn't protest. She just stared at the wall. Xelloss glanced at her. Hey...she is pretty. I never noticed that. Even though she is very annoying, deep down she's really caring.

Filia turned her head and caught him staring at her. Xelloss quickly turned his head around. Filia didn't say anything. She just smiled softly. She was about to say something to him, when the doctor came out of the Emergency Room. Everyone stood up and crowded around the doctor.

"Lina is now in her private room. Room number on to what's wrong with her."

"What's wrong with her?" Zel demanded.

The doctor sighed. It was the same doctor that told them the news of the DNA results. "I'm afraid, Lina won't be around with any of us much longer."

Zelgadiss paled at his words. "What are you talking about? What's wrong with her? What do you mean she isn't going to be around much longer?"

The doctor took a deep breath. "Lina has been having symptoms lately of the disease she has. She's been tired lately, and looked out of shape. Have you noticed that?"

Xelloss and Zelgadiss nodded.

"Well she had other symptoms too. But she did an excellent job of hiding them. She's have bruises all over the place. She's been bleeding more, but must have been more careful. For her clotting factors were weak. Also another symptoms. Her white blood cells are three times the much they should be."

Amelia gasped. That...that's what mother died of...

"Lina has Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia," the doctor continued on. "Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it, it is well at the late stage."

"Not even chemo?" Filia asked.

"Not even chemo. The best I can tell you is that, you just take her home and try to keep her comfortable. There is nothing we can do. She has about less than a month. I am sorry."

Zel stepped away from the crowd. No...No! She can't leave me after we just found our love for each other! No! She...why didn't she come to the hospital before? Why! Why now of all times!! Zelgadiss walked away, hanging onto the wall for support. Why...? Why now...? He turned around and looked at everyone else in the room. Everyone had a shocked, stricken looks on their faces. Xelloss sat down on the seat again and put his head in his hands. No...Lina...she can't be. This must be a joke of hers. This must be!

Zel cleared his head and ran down the corridor to 211. He didn't knock or anything. He just opened the door and barge right on in, with the whole group following him. He motioned to them that he wanted to talk to her alone.

Zel closed the doors behind him and turned around and stared at the young lady in the bed. She looked really horrible now. She really looks like she was going to die. Dark circles surrounded her eyes. Her face looked sunken, causing her eyes to look bigger. And the bruises were relatively noticeable now, now that she wasn't wearing clothes that fitted her body. The hospital garments were baggy for her and so he could see bunch of bruises on her arms. She just lay there with her face turned the other way. She didn't move, talk, or anything.

"Why...? Why didn't you bother going to the hospital for check up?" Zel asked in a strangled voice.

Lina's head slowly turned to face his. "Because...I thought it was just some flu."

"ARE YOU STUPID! Flus doesn't last that long! Speaking of long! When did you start having these symptoms?" Zelgadiss shouted at her. He was mad. He was close to being hysterical.

"Don't be mad oppa. Oh...couple months or more ago I guess." Lina shrugged, as she sat up. "Don't be mad. It's not your fault."

"But..why?? If you went to the hospital to get treatments, then you'd have a higher chance of surviving this and live longer. Live longer...with me.." Zel fought the tears that were coming to his eyes. "Why?"

Lina just looked straight into his eyes. "I don't know Zel. I just don't know. I'm sorry."

Zel couldn't hold his tears back any more. It came out freely. As they were coming out, he went toward her bed and reached for her hands. Her hands came to him and wiped his tears away.

"Don't cry oppa. Please. Be happy."

Zelgadiss sniffled. "Ok."

"You know I don't want to spend my last days here in this dorky hospital room." Lina remarked. "I want to spend my last days with you." Lina forced a smile, using her small amount of energy.

"Where would you like to stay?" Zel asked trying not to cry again.

"I don't know..."

Suddenly Zelgadiss remembered something. "I know just the place..."


"Bemil! (1)" Zelgadiss tried to make this a joke.

"Aishi!! (2)" Lina tried to hit him on the shoulder, but was too weak. "Tell me!"

Zel got up. "Nope. It's going to be a secret. Stay here for a week, till you get some meds. I'll take you next week. I promise."

"Ok. Zel. Sarang Hae (3)."


1: Korean for secret.

2: Equivalent to Aww...

3: Korean for I Love You.

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