Part 23

That morning, two figures were seen, walking down at the beach. The figures belonged to Lina and Zelgadiss. They were walking, well to be exact; Zel was giving her a piggyback ride. She was too weak to walk, so therefore Zel offered her a piggyback ride. It was not a problem to him for Lina has lost a lot of weight, causing her to be so light. In the horizion, the sun was slowly rising. Lina and Zel both stared at the beauty of it. Zel sighed and decided to start a conversation.

"You know what. Maybe I'll paint this later."

"Paint...?" Lina asked faintly.

"Paint a painting of us on the beach with the sunrise in horizon. I think that'd be really beautiful."

"Ah...Zel? When I you want to scatter my dusts? (1)"

"No. I love you ... but I..."

Lina buried her head on his shoulder. "It's ok Zel. I knew you wouldn't want to do that. Think Xelloss would take the job?"

"Yeah. The fruitcake do love yeah..."

"Yeah...Zel...I love you."

Zel took a breath. "I love you too Lina. You're the only one I care about."

"Don't forget about the promise Zel. If you do succeed in committing suicide, you are dead meat in heaven when we meet again."

"Yeah. I don't want to endure that." Zel smiled and stared ahead. "You know what? I am glad that we discovered that we weren't related. If we were still related we wouldn't be allowed to love each other." Zel sighed. "Although back in the days when we were siblings, those days were fun. Don't you agree?"

There was silence. Zel gently shook her. "Lina?" Zel sucked in a breath. "Lina?" No...she...she's gone... "Lina? Did I ever tell you about the incident where Xelloss forced me to dress up like a woman? I'm glad you never saw that incident. It was so embarrassing." Zel babbled on and on. "Oh and the time when we had to wear rainbow colored wig to find you? Xelloss never did have good taste." He kept talking to her as if she was still alive...

The waves crashed nearby, and the sun had risen. In the white sand, a lone figure is there. Look closely and it isn't lone. There's another person there, to norms, looks like she is sleeping, but to Zelgadiss, she's no longer on earth...

Tears were flowing freely down Xelloss' face as he stepped in the boat. In his hand was a box full of what's remained of Lina. He was glad that Zel and Lina picked him, but he was still sad all in all. Zel wasn't here. I guess he doesn't want to see this...

The rower rowed the boat away from the shore and soon Xelloss was opening up the box and slowly and gently scattered her dust in the river, watching the gentle autumn breeze blowing the dust away and into the river. Goodbye Lina...

Zel walked around his old neighborhood. He stopped outside the gate of his old middle school. He stared at the gate. There he stood reminiscing the old days. His mind went back to that one fateful autumn day. He remembered how he was waiting for Lina to hurry up with her pepperoes. He remembered how she loved them. He remembered how she always had trouble with her bike, that day included. Also he remembered the truck coming up behind her, hitting her body and causing blood to be everywhere.

Zelgadiss mind snapped back to the present as he heard honking noises. He looked to side and saw a truck coming toward him. He closed his eyes. Lina...I'm coming. There was screeching noises. Last thing he remember seeing is Lina's face...


1: In Korea, when a non-married person dies, instead of burying them, they usually put the body in the incinerator, and collect the remnants of the bone (something like that) and go out in a boat to a lake or something, and scattered the dust in the water... (Well something like that...) I don't know that much details ><;;

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