A Round of Character Making by Some of the Slayers ...

Lina: ooooo, third edition....mineminemineminemine

Zel: Excuse me, Lina.

Lina: mineminemineminemine

Amelia: Lina-san....

Lina: MINE!!!!

Gourry: *crunchcrunchcrunch*


*Zel snatches 3rdD&D as Lina tackles Gourry*

Zel: Let's see...were playing fifth level characters?

Amelia: Hey...I want some snacks too....*pout*

Zel: *Sweatdrop*....okay, never mind human Sorcerer 2, Cleric 1, Fighter 2...hmm...True Neutral, Domains of Earth and War

Amelia: Lawful Good Elven Cleric 2, Wizard 1, and Paladin 2, Domains of Good and Law....NOW I CAN GO OUT AND BRING JUSTICE DOWN ON ALL THE UNRIGHTEOUS....what are you all looking at?

Everybody: *blink*

Zel: Gourry, what kind of character are you playing?

Gourry: ummm....

Zel: Well?

Gourry: ummm....

Zel: never mind, Lina?

Lina: Wizard Specialist Evocation 5th level, err...human...Spell Mastery, Maximize Spell, Empower Spell and Heighten Spell...

Zel: please try not to cast the fireballs with us in the area of effect this time

Amelia: I don't like thinking of the fireball....

Gourry: ummmm....

Zel: What about a familiar?

Lina: he's right over there..*points to Gourry*

Gourry: ummm...

Zel: -_-

Amelia: I'm going to have cat for a familiar!!

Zel: I'll try a hawk

Lina: I like ravens myself.....

*enter Sylphiel, Zangulus, Filia, Xellos and Martina*

Zel: Thank L-Sama some rational people....

Xellos: Thank you, Zel-Kun

Zel: I wasn't talking about you....

Xellos: ^_^;;;

Sylphiel: What are we doing?

Amelia: Making characters Sylphiel-san..what do you want to be?

Sylphiel: *everybody mouths along with her* 5th human cleric of Healing and Protection

Zel: How about you, Zangulus...*cutting off Xellos*

Zangulus: Human Ranger 1, Fighter 4, lawful neutral

Lina: Martina's here too? *also cutting off Xellos*

Martina: yes and I'm going to play a 5th Cleric of Destruction and Death....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ALL HAIL THE MONSTER ZOMALGUSTAR!!!!

Zangulus: *sweatdrop* Dear...

Amelia: Getting a little above ourselves aren't we?

Lina: *sweatdrop* Good thing Naga's not here.....

Gourry: ummm....

Zel: What do you want to be Filia?

Filia: no dragons?

All: No dragons....*groan*

Filia: umm...Elven Cleric 3 Good/War and Sorcerer 2

Xellos: *shouts* CLERIC 5 TRICKERY/DEATH

All: we knew that

Xellos: Gourry you chosen yet?

Gourry: YEP!!

Lina: well what are you? *Ranger*

Zel: *Fighter*

Zangulus: *Fighter*

Xellos: *Fighter*

Filia: *Barbarian*

Sylphiel: *Paladin*

Amelia: *Paladin*

Martina: *Fighter*

Gourry: Female Halfling Druid 4 Monk 1

Everybody Else: *Facefault*

Gourry: I want to try something different

All: *groan*