Part 5

"Oh why do you want to know that?" the cat person asked, smiling.

"Who's he," Lina asked.

"And can we hurt him," Zelgadis restated his request.

"I wouldn't mind knowing that either," everybody shifted their glances up to the trees where Xelloss stood, rubbing his jaw and smiling. "I certainly don't think he's to be trusted."

"And we can trust you?" Gourry asked rhetorically.

"No I don't think you can trust me," Hyperbole said. "Hey, Reiko, I see you're still with Thrythlind. You know you two make such a wonderful couple." The last statement was drifting sarcasm.

"Give it up, faerie boy," she answered. The cat-person shrugged and leaped up to a tree branch. "Now, why did it take you two so long to get here?"

"You still haven't answered the question of who you are," Lina noted.

"He's Hyperbole, a pooka," Thrythlind answered. "Rather annoying, but you can usually trust him. Of course because he is a pooka everything he says will be a lie in some form, so you have translate everything he says."

"Why that's not true at all, but at least its more important than the problem at hand."

"Hey where'd that little white cat go?" Amelia asked out of the blue.

"I would assume that the little white cat was the same as our cat-tailed friend her," Xellos noted. Xellos recognized the inherent chaos of the fae and the happy, cheerful nature. This managed to irritate him to no end, no matter what the circumstance the pooka just maintained a happy and amused attitude. Still it was a challenge, he wondered what it would take to bring the darker emotions out of this cat person.

On the other hand the cat sensed the darkness and maliciousness of the Mazoku. Now there was a challenge, demon's took themselves SO seriously. The prospect of teasing and manipulating the demon made him incredibly eager and happy. The end result was that neither of the two emotion feeders, for this particular pooka drew power from the imaginations and positive emotions of mortals, got anything out of each other.

"You mean when I was petting that cat," Amelia blushed bright red.

"Do you want to try it now?" Hyperbole asked, blinking cutely.

" thank you," Amelia noted.

"Fine, introductions have been made," Reiko declared.

"Yes can we get back to the business of hunting that little troll?" Zelgadis added.

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