Shadow and Substance

What do you see;
Looking about the world?
The shadows?
Or the substance?

Five foot six;
Dirty blonde;
Blue eyes;
Bass voice;
Out of shape;
White kid.

Is this the substance;
The flesh and blood;
An visiual image;
Of a frail human body?
Or is it the shadow?
And if it is the shadow;
Then where the substance?

A flashing smile;
A sparring duel;
A forced laugh;
A written text;
A spoken word;
A crafted look;
A loud silence.

If not the body;
Then the actions;
Created by the will;
Could these be more;
Than dancing shadows;
Projected to the wall?
Or are they paper thin?

Recent memories;
Mathematical equations;
Logical processes;
World history
Careful descisions;
Crafted phrases;
Rash choices.

The complex thoughts;
Of the human animal;
The product of training;
And the combined study;
Of all the human race;
This is not me;
But what is it?

Careful control;
Unsurmontable ego;
Dark humor;
Intense curiousity;
Impish glee;
Overwhelming Rage;
Unshakable joy.

Ethereal emotions;
Programmed instinct;
Powerful impulse;
Wonderful sensation;
But true substance?

Where is the substance;
Of this existence;
Physical forms;
Visible actions;
Conscious thoughts;
Primal emotions;
The combination?

Which are the substance?
Or are they all shadows?
What is the substance?
What throws the shadows?
Is all we know shadow?
Where is the substance?
What throws the shadows?