Where Are We? Who Are You?

The first thing Zelgadis noticed upon walking downstairs was that this wasn't the tavern he had gone to sleep in. He sighed in irritation and walked to a table to get a drink while he tried to figure it out. It was several moments later when someone moved to join him.

"Mind if I join you?" he looked up to see a young woman in a black silk dress that virtually radiated magic. On the chest was a pattern of what looked like two teardrops curling around each other. One black with a spot of white, and the other white with a black spot.

"Isn't that cold?" he asked. The woman glared.

"Are you going to answer the question or not? These are the only seats in the place and I'd like a chance to sit down."

"Fine," Zelgadis growled. "I take it from your unprepared appearance that arriving here is a surprise to you as well."

"I was killing a demon at the time," the girl answered after a long moment's investigation. "I supposed it had sommething to do with it, you?"

"I woke up here."

"Maybe we should discuss this situation," the girl said. "Iako Mano."

"Zelgadis Greywords."

"Excuse me, can you tell me how to find Furinkan High school." Iako and Zelgadis looked at the bandana-ed new-comer. "Do I know you two?"

"Last time I saw you," Iako said. "You asked me about the 'Tendo dojo' and then walked through a hole torn between the worlds."

"He was asking me about some place called Jusenkyo."

"eh heh heh" the new-comer scratched the back of his head in embarrasment.

"It seems that I'm not the only one that's been dimensionally misplaced," they all looked to see a dwarf walk calmly up to their table. "Though it seems to be a common occurence for this one. Still lost Ryouga?"

"Do I know you?"

"Not really, but you asked for directions shortly before I went with Spark to fight the Marmo." A fifth member seemed to just pop into existence, a VERY irritated blue haired woman in dark cloak.

"When I get my hands on that blonde!! Why do those idiots let her near that maniac's inventions!?" she growled. "Where the hell am I?"

"We'll tell you when we figure it out," Iako growled. At this point a brilliant flash of lightning cracked down into the ground just outside the curve of the table. The lightning bolt was accompanied by the sound of a screaming woman. Surprisingly nobody in the crowded room seemed to notice aside from the five speakers.

"I GET THE MESSAGE!!!" A white haired woman with three marks on her face growled as she pulled herself to a standing position and brushed herself off. "So I'm the last huh?"

"Uh...what just happened?" Ryouga asked.

"Let's just say that the six of us have to go through some adventures and kill a lot of monsters before we can go home."

"And why is that."

"You don't want to know."

In another reality, someone sat at a computer, clicking buttons to make his party for the Icewind Dale computer game..