MST of Kissing Games by Raya


navy = document being MSTed

Xaxres: Welcome one and all to the marvel of --

Raya: Shut up and get on with it.


Raya: Touchy, touchy.

Xaxres: (starts to scream)

Raya: So, let's see. Valgaav!

Val: (falls out of the sky) OWWWW! YOU #^%(*@&$%(@$#&*)(#^(&$ bitch!!

Xaxres: (still screaming)

Raya: Gaav.

Gaav: (also falls from the sky....BAAAAAAAAM!!!!!) Itai.

Xaxres: (upon realizing her Maryu-o-sama was injured stops screaming.) Ohhh... Maryu-o-sama...are you okay?

Gaav: (chibi-fies (tm)) I cut my forehead! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Xaxres: (looks at gapping hole in his head, a.k.a. small cut slowly bleeding) (gasps) Ohhh...(pulls band-aide out of cloak) here, (puts bandaide on forhead, kisses it better and looks at her hadnywork)

Gaav: Uhhh...I got cut here too...(points to elbow)

Raya: We'll leave those two, because if we don't, we'll never get to my story! Beastmaster!

Xellas: (phazes in, smoking) Hmmph....figures you'd blackmail me into this Xaxres....

Xaxres and Gaav: (have finished patching up any wounds and are making out like horny teenagers)

Raya: Deep Sea Dolphin!

Dolph: (phazes in) Hiya!!!!!!!!

Raya: Lina Inverse!

Lina:(falls from the sky) Itai....

Raya: Filia!

Filia: (falls from the sky, lands on Val) Ohhh....

Raya: Obvious Filia/Valgaav bias there. Sylphiel!!

Sylphiel: (walks in happily) Oh, dear

Lina: How come SHE got to walk in?

Raya: Because it's her romance! Xelloss!

Xelloss: (phazes in) That's it! Lets start!

Once upon a time, the Queen of the Daemon Sea got mad at the Queen of Wolf Pack Island.

Xelloss: Geex, I wonder who they could be.

Xellas: Queen of Wolfpack Island...that sounds so famillar.

So the Queen of the Daemon Sea turned the Queen of Wolf Pack Island's son, Prince Xellos, into a little green cat.

Dolph: Sounds like something I'd do....

Xaxre: Yep! ^.^

When the Queen of Wolf Pack Island found out that her son was now a little green cat, she was very sad.

All mazoku: YEAH! SORROW!


So she went to consult Rezo the Red Priest, a wise man.

Lina: No he wasn't, he commited suiside by summoning Shabrnigdo into his body so he could see. HE'S A F****ING MORON!!

Xaxres: Yes he was.

Rezo the Red Priest told the Queen of Wolf Pack Island that the only way Prince Xellos could be restored was if the right girl kissed him.

Xelloss: YEA!! KISSIES!! Kiss me Val-kun!

Val: No.

Xelloss: (leans over to kiss him)

Upon returning to Wolf Pact Island, Queen of Wolf Pack Island sent her missi dominici to the fairest and noblest ladies in the land, inviting them to come and kiss Prince Xellos.


Gaav: (is too busy making out with Xaxres, again,to save Val)

The girl who succeeded in returning him to his proper form would get to marry him and inherit Wolf Pack Island.

Xellas: But who would want to live there?

Xelloss: I do Juo-o-sama....

Xellas: That's sweet, here, (hands him a sledgehammer) fourty hits.

Xelloss: Yes ma'am! (starts to beat himself up)

Gaav: This story is boring.

Next week, the ladies arrived.

Xelloss: To have passionate sex with the prince who magically turned human!

Among them were the Princesses Luna Inverse and Lina Inverse of Zefiria; the daughters of Crown Prince Philionel el de Sairuun, Princess Gracia ul Naga de Sairuun and Princess Amelia wil Tesla de Sairuun, and Princess Filia ul Copt, daughter of the Fire Dragon King.

Filia: WHAT?

(Princess Filia ul Copt didn't want to go, but the Fire Dragon King made her go.)

Filia: Oh, okay.

Val: *smirk*

Dolphin: She said to give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself! OH YEAH!

There was also Princess Martina Xoana from Xoana and Dynast Gausharra's daughter, Princess Sharra.


Raya: ^.^

When all the ladies invited had either arrived or sent their regrets, the Queen of Wolf Pack Island called all of them into the throne room so they could kiss Prince Xellos.

Xelloss: KISSIES!!!

Minna (sans Xaxres and Gaav) :eges away from the fruit.

First up was the Countess Luna Inverse of Zefiria.

Xelloss: Me, kiss that --


She walked up, kissed the Prince, and stepped back.


Filia: piku piku piku

Dolphin: PIKACHU!!!

Raya: SHUT UP!

Xaxres: (falls asleep)

Everybody held his or her breath.

Minna: (holds breath)

Five minutes passed in silence.

Xelloss: Then I was cured and all the girls and I hot passionate sex!

Lina: Or not.

Raya: That's actually --

Xaxres: no it isn't.

Nothing happened.

Minna: YEAH!

Xelloss: Thank god, I almost got married to that --

Lina: Don't say it if you don't wanna die.

"Next!" called the Queen of Wolf Pack Island. The Countess Lina Inverse of Zefiria.

Xelloss: OH YEAH LINA!!!

Raya: No.

Xaxres: No.

Gaav: Whatever.

She walked up, kissed the Prince, and stepped back. Nothing happened. Princess Amelia wil Tesla de Sairuun and Princess Gracia ul Naga de Sairuun tried, with the same results.

Xelloss: OH GOD!!!!!


Next was Princess Filia ul Copt. She took one look at Prince Xellos, screamed, and hit him over the head with a mace before she ran away.


Xelloss: What?

Xaxres: THAT is a secret.

When Prince Xellos recovered, the Queen of Wolf Pack Island called the next girl up.

Xelloss: Who cured him and they had passionate sex!

The next girl up was Princess Sharra. Prince Xellos really didn't like Princess Sharra.

Xelloss: Oh.

Xellas: Oh, indeed, Xelloss....

As a matter of fact, he hated her with a passion.

Raya: At least there's a type of passion in there....

So when he realized that he was supposed to kiss her, first he screamed, then he ran away. He ran all the way to the Temple of Flagoon.

Sylphiel: Oh Flagoon!

Lina: Yeah.

When he got inside the Temple of Flagoon, he kept right on running until he ran into Sylphiel Nels Raada, a shrine maiden.

Xelloss: oh dear god.

"Oh, how cute!" exclaimed Sylphiel Nels Raada. "A little green cat!" She picked him up and kissed him.

Lina: I knew it!

Sylphiel: But....I would....

The very next second, she found herself trying to support one hundred and seventy-five pounds of human(oid) male, because Prince Xellos had been restored to his original form.

Lina: How sweet.

They both fell over.

Xelloss: And --

Xaxres: Don't say it.

Val: Spare us.

Gaav: Shut up.

Val: Me?

Gaav: No. Fruit.

When they regained their footing, Prince Xellos kissed Sylphiel Nels Raada's hand and said, "Thank you for saving me, miss! Now we can get married!"


"Oh, but we can't do that, your highness!" cried Sylphiel Nels Raada.

Xelloss: I love you Sylphiel! (passionate kiss)

"Whyever not?' inquired Prince Xellos.

Raya: See?

"Because we've got nothing in common!" replied Sylphiel Nels Raada.

Xaxres: Then I said, what about breakfast at Tiffany's, she siad, I think I remember the film, yes I recall I think, we both kinda liked it, and I said well that's --

Raya: Spare us the bad singing.

Prince Xellos thought for a moment. "Do you like dancing?"

Xaxres and Gaav: One thing we got!

Sylphiel Nels Raada nodded.

Xaxres and Gaav: (continue to sing breakfast at tiffany's, but realize they don't know the words, laugh and go back to making out)

Raya: And SHE'S the author here...

"Why don't we go dancing, and we can see what else we have in common there?"

Dolphin and Xellas:YEA! DANCING!

Sylphiel Nels Raada nodded again.

Xaxres: (sighs) How romantic....

And so they went to a very expensive very exclusive nightclub and danced the night away.

Gaav: Hey, wanna go dancing....

Xaxres: You are just so cute!

Raya: No, he's not.

Xaxres and Gaav: Gaav Flare!


Xelloss: Oohhh...STARS!

Raya: Nano duh, baka.

Xaxres: And after we go dancing we can go home and --

Mina: SHUT UP!

Xaxres: Okay, you don't have to be so mean about it...

AUTHOR: I have a Xellos/Sylphiel bias. Can you tell?

Minna: YES!


Lina: I didn't know you were in here.

Xaxres: ME niether.

Gaav: SO, can we go now?

Xaxres: No, it's not over.

AUTHOR: Nobody asked you. (pause) This was a French assignment. Yes, I know it's wildly OOC. Sue me. No, I didn't mean that.

Sylphiel: That was soooooooooooooo romantic.

Raya: I know!

Lina: That was the sappiest crap I've ever seen.

XAXRES: Never say things you don't mean.

Xelloss: GO XAXRES!!

AUTHOR: Shut up, fruitnut. I think I'm supposed to put in a disclaimer, but I'm too lazy, so you'll have to make one up yourself

Raya: So true.

Xaxres: You are lazy. BYE!

Gaav: BYE!

Minna: -_-;;