Part 1


This was my fist ever fanfic I wrote it last year! This is only the first part, there is another part, which is the continued form of this. I hope you all like it. Slayers does not belong to me (Crying) in belongs to a bunch of rich people. This is a Lina/Zel fic. It is a songfic. The song is off of the movie Anastasia at the end. (I FORGOT THE NAME)

Lina sighed and walked faster as the rain began falling. Her first day of school and she was late. She frowned as the big brick school building loomed ahead.

We were strangers starting out on a journey, never dreaming what we'd have to go through

Lina ran in the doors and around the corner and smacked right into someone. It was a boy. He had lavender hair, ice blue eyes, and his skin was pale ivory. Lina also noticed he had pointed ears. He was cute,but...

"watch where you're going freak!"

Zelgadis, or Zel as he was called, stared at the red haired, red-eyed girl, "Watch yourself you Flat-chested little girl!"

Lina punched the guy in the gut, hard, and walked off.

Zel was listening to his Biology teacher drone on and on about the immune system, when Garv, the assistant principal,(hehe,I'm evil!)came in carrying the girl Zel had ran into earlier.

"This is Lina Inverse, I leave her in your care Filia." Garv left and Filia motioned to Lina, "You can sit next to Zel, he's right there!" Filia pointed at the boy Lina had punched that morning. Lina sighed and sat down. Filia went back to her discussion.

Lina tried to keep her long hair covering her face, she knew the Jerk next to her would notice the bruise her father had given her that morning.

Zel saw the bruise even though he knew she was trying to cover it up. He reached out to touch it gently.

"Back off you preppy jerk," Lina hissed.

"Make me bitch," he said as his anger piqued.

"I can't beleive I have to sit next to a conceited freak like you!"

"I can't beleive I have to sit next to a flat-chested, hot-tempered witch!"

Lina hit him with her Biolongy book and ran from the room as the bell rang.

Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing, at the begining with you

Zel walked into lunch and noticed the only open spaces were by Lina. He sighed and sat down.

"Oh the stuck-up preppy in going to sit by me," she growled.

"Trust me," Zel had finally had it with this girl, "I'm only sitting here because there's no where else to sit. As far as I'm concerned you are an ugly self-centered bitch. You don't care about anyone but yourself, you...."

"SHUT UP!" Lina intereupted, what he had said hurt, though she wouldn't let on, "You don't know me or anything about me, so shut up!"

Zel looked at her face, sure she looked mad, but as he looked into her eyes he frowned inwardly, her eyes were sad, he's hurt her. HE felt guilty,"I'm sorry, I am sorry. Can we start over please," he held out his hand, "I'm Zelgadis Greywords, and you are?"

Lina stared at his outstretched hand, she had a hard time trusting people, but he seemed sicere. Besides he was cute. WAit, when did she....

"Well," Zel's patient voice startled her.She shook his hand,"Lina Inverse, nice ta meet ya!"

Zel relaxed, glad to be home. He stared out of his open window at the house next door. Some people had moved in last week,but he hadn't seen anyone around outside yet.

"What the Hell were you thinking," a man's voice drifted from next door, Zel noticed an open window.

"I...I..." a girl's voice stammered, she sounded terrified.

"I said you were not supposed to talk to anyone and you called the Social services, you're lucky they beleived what i tolf them."

"I'm sorry dad."

"I'll teach you," the man yelled.

Zel heard the sound of a belt hitting flesh and heard the whimpers of the girl. He stared at the house in horror. He wished he could comfort the the girl. Zel slammed his window.

Lina carefully changed all her bandagings, at least it wasn't the chain. She hated her father, she wished someone could help her. She began crying and fell asleep, after making sure her door was locked.

No one told me I was goin to find you unexpected, what you did to my heart

Zel was worried, Lina wasn't at school that day. He went through every class thinking she'd come, but when she didn't he knew something was wrong. What he knew of the girl she wouldn't miss school unless something horrible had happened.

When school finally ended for the day Zel walked home. He noticed the man next door leaving. Zel watched him drive off and went to the front door and knocked, no one answered. Zel tried the knob, unlocked, he went it.

"Hello?"His voice carried. He heard whimpering, he followed it upstairs to see a girl bleeding from hundreds of wounds all over. He recognized her, "Oh Lina," he breathed softly. He didn't know what to do.

When I lost hope, you were there to remind me. Thos is the start

"Zel.." Lina said through the pain, "I'm scared.."

"Shh...It's o.k.I'm going to take you to my house, o.k?"

Lina nodded, zel carefully picked her up trying not to jostle her pain-racked form.

I won't let anything touch he, he promised himself.