Chapter Six: FOREVER! Fate Deals a Cruel Hand

Zelgadis walked down the market street, unhooded, unmasked. It was hard to resist the feeling he was being watched, a paranoia of the years. His senses felt numb, his skin flimsy and thin, but he was human once again. Lina had disappeared, probably some rumor or other catching her ear. Amelia had been recalled home, he was alone, but he no longer felt alone. Suddenly a pain ripped through him, gasping for air he fell to his knees. It couldn't have been that long already...

Kuza stepped back into the material world, it seemed so different now. No longer did he see the law of the land that he was supposed to respect, he saw both chaos and law, the paradox of their existence. The other two were collapsed, exhausted. It wasn't surprising really, if it were not for being instilled with this new energy he would be as well. "Well, well. What do we have here? Some prince and princess with a lone bodyguard. How very ... careless." Kuza turned to the voice.

"Oh my!" the woman looked at the - it wasn't a person - the thing before her. A young, noble looking man. Now what was he? What poison could do this to a person? Already a crowd had gathered around him, "somebody, water, quickly" she yelled to no one in particular, no one seemed to hear her, all looking at the strange statue of a person.

"I really don't recommend you continue your threats." Kuza spoke to the bandits calmly, placing himself between them and his new students. "Oh, little man, not even a mage could win against these numbers." His new eyes quickly counted: 30, 31, 32 bandits. "I'm sorry, but surrender is not an option I will entertain." The bandits laughed, "High and noble aren't we?" They all charged. Fools.

Zelgadis moaned as he woke up (Note to the fangirls (and some fanboys): Pervert), "Oh? You're conscious," still awakening from the transformation, Zelgadis did not hear the woman, or see her. Reaching his hand upwards to his head he tried to shake off both the head ache and the dizziness. "Do you have a name?" the woman sat down next to him, "Mine is Selene."

The bandits charged, but their reflexes were terrible compared to his. One, two, three fell to his fist. Their swords barely pierced his skin, he was oblivious to the pain. One of the bandits slipped by, however, and with an evil smile raised his hand towards Kuza. "Sorry, but you won't get me." The bandits taunted as he raised a shield around himself and his new found victims. Kuza downed the last of the attacking bandits and turned on the shield, yet his powers could not pierce it without harming those he was charged to protect.

Zelgadis suddenly realized he was not human anymore, he was not with his friends. Panic set in, "Where am I?" He asked, strength suddenly back in his voice, "Oh, recover fast don't you?" Selene smiled and approached him from the kitchen counter where she had been working. Zelgadis quickly covered his face, embarrassed to be seen like this, "I'm terribly sorry to inconvenience you."

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