Prologue: The Legendary Box

"Pandora?" A young child gave out a soft whisper as he fixed his reptilian green eyes on the ghostly figure encast in the opaque ice pillar. "Even though hundred of years had passed, you still look so beautiful." He advanced and took a closer look at the golden maiden who seemed to have fallen asleep. She looked so peaceful, with her eyes closed and her golden hair shimmering in the dark. In his eyes, she always had been a goddess, a lady that he had feared and loved. "Xellas, come out. I know you are here!" He suddenly shouted, twisting his young innocent face.

The Beastmaster smirked as she teleported beside him. "Gee, Phibrizo. Don't need to be so annoyed." She took a glance at the lifeless body of Pandora as she smiled "Sorry to disturb you but Lei Magnus-sama wanted to see you."

The Hellmaster sighed. "Our lord wanted to meet us? Doesn't he know that it is impossible to know where is the forbidden box is hidden without the help of Pandora. She is the only one who knows the whereabouts of the box?"

Xellas shrugged. "Phibrizo, I think it is a better idea for us to hurry up than giving me your personal comments. Anyway, it is not very wise of us to keep our lord waiting."

Phibrizo looked at her as she was fading away, teleported to another dimension. Xellas do resemble Pandora, with her wavy long golden hair and delicate features. "My, my." He gave a small chuckle before he left. "Have a nice dream, my dearest Pandora."

Pandora, a legendary character that was rumored created by god Hephaestus under the request of the God Zeus, was the first woman in the world. Due to her curiosity, she accidentally unleashed the evil that had been buried for thousand years, by opening the forbidden box. Later, she tried to shut the box desperately. However, only Hope, the one good thing among many evils the box had contained, remained to comfort humanity in its misfortunes.

The forbidden box that was named after her was known as the Pandora's box, which would bring disasters and havoc to humanity when it was opened again.


P.S This is the first fic I ever write... ^ ^" Hope u all like it.

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