The True Power of Love

The pounding and racing of one's heartbeat
The most powerful emotion that I try to defeat
Oh Gods I thought that this could never be
Why did Love have to pick me?!

I push and shoove it back with all my might
Knowing deep down that I won't win this fight
I fall to my knees as this new feeling grows bold
Telling me to get up and go to the one I want to hold
To tell her everything I would do
And tell her how much I really love you

But pull that thought out of your mind
Since when did you become love-crazy and kind?
You are the Mazoku, strong and proud
Don't listen to that sickening emotion that is yelling so loud!

But the feelings for her get stronger with every word you say
And me knowing that I'm going to have to tell her someday
Oh L-sama! Why!? Can I take that harsh risk?
To see and hear the rejection come from my love's lips
I would so hurt and torn I would fall into despair
But if I screamed and cried enough, then would she care?

No! How could she love a dark creature like me!?
An empty thing born to stalk and be alone for eternity
She will never fall in love with me and see who I trully am
All she'll ever see is the Mazoku standing in front of what I have left of a man

I guess all I can do now is dream of her and me
Dreams of us holding hands and kissing gently
I grin as I get another idea to do
So, I look at her, stroke her hair, and whisper "I love you."

Now wait! Hold on. If she says these words back
I want to cherish the moment forever and make it last
She looks up at me and grins and strokes my hair too
And whispers the wonderful words back to me, "And I'll always love you too."

"Xellos. Xellos! Snap out of it! You okay," Lina Inverse said to the Trickster who had an odd smirkless face.

Xellos quickly shook his head and opened his eyes to look at her. He then just gave a smirk and his usual wink and said, "Sorry about that Lina-chan! Just got sidetracked. Just thinking and plotting as usual." He then just shut his eyes and kept his smirk on his face.

Lina just rolled her eyes, but couldn't help but grin. "Okay fruitcake. Whatever." With that, Lina ran up to the others in the group and started talking about bandits, food, and treasure as they walked along to the next town.

Xellos just stared at her with closed eyes, the pain returning in his heart. Behind these closed eyes, tears formed and Xellos put his head back down, but still walked along behind the group. A single tear went down his face unnoticed by everyone but Xellos. He slowly touched the tear and felt more follow down as thoughts of Lina danced in his head.

He sighed and thought to himself a lesson he would never learn,

And this, my friend, is the true power of love.