My Night With Zel and Xellos!

Zel, Amber, Xellos: 0.0

(they keep getting closer to the TV as the scary movie called 'Idle Hand' gets better)

Movie: "I can't control my hand! So, I cut it off and now it's out killing people! You have to help me!"

Amber: 0.0

Zel: 0.0

Xellos: 0.0

(scary music starts playing)

Movie: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


(popcorn flys up in the air and they all hit the ground)

Amber: (pauses movie) That scared the hell out of me!

Zel and Xellos: Me too!

(all the sudden the electricity goes out)


Xellos: We're all going to die!!!! ^_^

Zel and Amber: Don't say that!

(scrathing noises can be heard in the house)

Amber: What was that?!

Zel: I don't think I wanna know.

Xellos: Let's go investigate it! ^_^

Amber: Xellos! You know in every scary movie the person who goes to investigate is always the dumb ass who dies first.

Zel: Well, lets all go in a unit.

Amber: Are you all crazy?! I don't wanna die!

Xellos: Don't worry! We won't let anything happen to you. In fact, I bet it's just one of your cats. ^_^

Amber: I can't see anything though!

Zel and Xellos: We can!

Amber: Er.... I'll just get a candle.

Xellos: Hmmm..... candle light. Now, Amber? ^_^

Amber: ~_~ Xellos! This is no time for joking around! (grabs red candle and lights it)

Zel: It's even red. ^_^

Amber: GUYS! Stop! I'm scared here!

Xellos: I know you are! It's quite funny! In fac......

(he stops short as they here a loud crash)

Xellos: *_* Ok, I'm now scared!

Amber: See there! Now lets go see and run out!

Zel: Geez! Come on! We know magic and now we are scared of a little noise! Come on! Are we men are mice?

Xellos: ^_^ Men!

Amber: Neither!

Zel: Oh yeah. Sorry Amber, but just come on!

(they slowly walk down the hallway with Zel in front, Amber in the middle, and Xellos behind them)

Amber: Ok, here we are. Xellos open the door.

Xellos: Me!? 0.0

Zel and Amber: Yes! You!

Xellos: *_* Fine! (in a whisper) sure, pick on the mazoku to do the dirty work!

Zel and Amber: We heard that!

Xellos: Ok, on 5. 1...2...3...4...5!

(he quickly opens the door and all have a spell ready to say)

Amber: (holds up candle) I don't see anything.

Zel and Xellos: Neither do I.

(scratching noise starts again)


Amber: It's in here!

Zel: Ok, calm down!

Xellos: It's the Idle Hand! ^_~*

Amber: Don't say that! Please!

(something moves across Zel's leg)

Zel: What the @*%$ was that!

Xellos: Colorful vocabulary Zel. ^_^

Zel: Thanks!

Amber: Pat yourself on the back later! Where is it?!

Xellos: There! Look! Under the bed!

Zel: Ok Amber! Your turn.

Amber: But...but...but

Xellos: Hey! That's my song! ^_^

Zel: (rolls eyes) No ifs, and's, or but's about it! Go!

Amber: (in a whimper) ok....

(she slowly goes down to the ground and looks under the bed)

Xellos: Well, anything? ^_^

Amber: Nothing. Just...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(a hand jumps out at Amber)

Amber: Help me!

Zel: Hold still! (tries to pull the hand off her shoulder)

Xellos: Blast it! ^_^

Amber: NO! You'll blast me!

Xellos: A minor lost. ^_~

Amber: XELLOS! Help!

Zel: Got it!

(hand tries to grab at Zel)

Zel: Here Xellos! You can have it!

(tosses it to Xellos)

Xellos:'! 0.0

Zel: ^_^ That's the point!

Xellos: Help me! *_*

(Amber comes back in with a M16)

Amber: Ok Xellos! Stand very still!

Xellos: 0.0 NO!

Amber: On 3. Ready? 1...2...3!

(the sound of the M16 goes through the house)

Xellos: Am I dead yet?

Zel: (uncovering ears) Nope. whispers: to bad.

Xellos: Not funny! ~_~

Amber: I got it! YIPPEE! And look Xellos! Not one wound on you.

Xellos: (looks around) Geez! And I thought you sucked at aiming.

Amber: (glares at him) Hey! Watch it buddy! I still have the gun.

Xellos: 0.0

Zel:(picks up the hand) Ewww! You really blasted it Amber!

Amber: ^_^ Damn I'm good!

Xellos: ^_~ In more than just shooting!

Zel: Don't start it guys!

(the hand sparks and wires pop out)

All: 0.0

Xellos: Now the only way for that hand to spark....

Zel: is if it had electricity in it and meaning...

Amber: someone is playing games with us! That hand was fake!

(Amber storms out of the room with Zel and Xellos following)

Zel: I wonder who did it?

Xellos: I feel sorry for them when Amber finds out.

Zel: Maybe she'll cut them a little sl.....

Amber: Shhhhhhhhh!

Xellos: What is it?

Amber: Shhh. Listen.

(they all listen for a minute and her female laughter)

Amber: Thats it!

(she goes to the power box and turns the electricity back on)

Zel: Uh ohh!

Xellos: She is really ticked off!

(Amber follows the laughing to a closet in the room where the hand was)

Amber: ( walks into room and opens closet) ZELAS!!!!

Zelas: (smiles innocently) Hi Amber!

(Amber notices she has a controller in her hand to control the fake hand)

Amber: You. Are. So. Dead!

(Xellos and Zel walk in to see them fighting)

Amber: (pinning her down) You had us all scared! Just wait till I'm through with you!

Xellos: ^_^ Amber-chan, you are forgetting she is the Beast Master.

Zel: He's right. You don't stand a chance!

Amber: (thinks for a minute) Do you think I care!

Zelas: Well, you are about to learn a lesson then!

(Zelas pins her down and pulls right arm back till it couldn't reach)

Amber: Ouch! Stop it Zelas!

Zelas (shakes head) Nope! I'm not done teaching you a lesson in manners yet. One, I'm above you when it come to ranking! Two, your just a human in my eyes! Three.......

Amber: Three! You don't pay attention enough to my left hand!

Zel: Hey. Aren't you supposed to help your master?

Xellos: ^_^ Amber is not a threat really. I mean what can a human do to h.....

(he stopped short as Zelas was begging Amber to stop bending her leg back)

Zel: Oh huh! Not a threat huh?

Xellos: *_* I....I could be wrong.

Amber: Now if I let you up will you be a good Mazoku?

Zelas: (whimpers) Yes! Just let me up! Please!

Amber: Ok. Have I taught you a lesson?

Zelas: YES!

Amber: Yes what?

Zelas: YES ma'am!

Amber: Ok, you can get up.

Xellos: ^_^ Geez! A human! Now I can see someone higher than you master, but a human? I think you've lost your touch.

Zel: (shakes his head) Uh ohh.

Zelas: Lost my touch have I?

Xellos: Opps.....

Zelas: (pounces Xellos and holds him down by his arms while straddling him)

Xellos: ^_^ Now master. I might be your servant, but if you wanted me to be your sex slave all you had to do is ask.

Zelas: (smirks) Hmmm... interesting. I might have to remind you have that statement some time.

Amber: Oh, so this is how she punishes him, ne?

Zel: Some punishment.

(Zelas gets up)

Xellos: Just when I was getting use to that position too! ^_^

Amber: Its not like you haven't been that way before.

Zel and Zelas: Like you would know!

Xellos: ^_^ Actually, she would.

Amber: ^_~

Zelas and Zel: 0.0

Amber: You two seemed pretty shocked.

Xellos: Like they didn't know.

Zel: I refuse to believe you.

Zelas: Dido

Xellos: Believe what you want. (winks at Amber) ^_~*

Amber: (smirks evilly and winks back) ^_~*

Zel & Zelas: (glances at eachother nervously)

Zel: Anyways, we need to finish the movie!

Amber: Oh yeah! (turns movie on again)

All: 0.0

Movie: "HELP ME! It's in here! HELP! No........ ahhhhhhh!" (blood comes out of girl)

All: Ewwwwwww!

(Zel and Zelas start getting closer together)

Amber: (glances at the two then whispers to Xellos) I think they like eachother.

Xellos: ^_^ (looks over at them) I do too!

(Zelas nearly in Zel's lap as movie gets scarier)

Zelas: (covers eyes) Is it over yet Zel?

Zel: Yes. You can look.

Zelas: (looks at Zel instead) I like this view better.

Zel: 0.0

(Amber and Xellos are to into the movie to notice)

Zelas: Zel....

Zel: Zelas....

(the two start making out and end up in the guest bedroom)

(the movie is over and Xellos and Amber stretch)

Xellos: That was a good movie! ^_^

Amber: Yeah it was! Hey where is those two?

Xellos: ^_^ How should I know?

Amber: (starts laughing) Listen!

(the sounds of moans come from the back room)

Xellos and Amber: (both burst out laughing)

Xellos: ^_^ Zel and Zelas!? Who would have thought!?

Amber: I don't know!

(about an hour later, they come out of the room like nothing happened)

Xellos: (evil smirk) Have fun? ^_~

(Zelas and Zel both blush and sit down)

Xellos: ^_^ Well, I hope we can have no more interuptions.

(all of the sudden the electricity goes out)

Amber: NOOO! Not again!


Ok, this story came from to much coffee and not enough sleep. I do not own anything from the movie Idle Hand, so please don't sue! Or The Slayers for that matter. As you can tell, I got really bored and had to have some humor in my life. So, I wrote this! Hope ya liked!

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