Chapter 1


navy = flashback

She leaned on a wall of an Inn where they said to meet. Her crimson cape moved in the breeze like a bat taking flight along with her long, black tresses as they feel over her shoulders with each sigh of the wind. She blew smoke out of her mouth as she took another drag from her ciggerete. Her ruby eyes scanned the area. She laughed mentally, not believing who she was about to meet with. The woman who actually destroyed one of her father's parts. Only a human too. It amazed her really.

She sighed and streched. She was at least 10 minutes early and she knew Lina would be there. So, that just left her alone with her thoughts. She knew she should be mad that Lina destroyed a part of her father, but she wasn't. Her mind slowly took her back to that day when her mother died and the reasons behind it.

Rose was only five when she heard the screams of her mother faintly. She got up quickly, clutching the covers to her as fear built deep inside of her and started to surface. The little dragon/mazoku quietly made her way to her door; sneaking downstairs and outside where the screams had come from. Rose ran towards the woods and stopped when she saw her father and another mazoku putting her mother in the ground.

The little girl's eyes grew wide as she whispered/whimpered, "Mommy...?"

Shabrinigdo looked at the other mazoku and said, "There, now my daughter will be brought up to be a strong and powerful weapon. One that will make me proud. Without the influence of her mother, a Gold dragon, she will bring chaos that only I can teach." He brushed his black hair out of his face. His human form showing a 22 year old man, black hair, blue eyes, and a built that would put any muscle builder in the world to shame.

Rose began to cry as she heard his words and she yelled, "Daddy! What happened to mommy!? Why is she in the ground?!" She tears poured down as she gripped her father's arm.

He mentally cursed, but simply put on a sad face and answered, "Mother died honey. We were just burying her." False tears streamed from his eyes as he picked up his daughter. "She is in a better place now." He smirked to his words without Rose knowing.

Rose sniffled and clenched to her father and sobbed, "Why did mommy have to leave?'

He looked at his daughter in the eyes and said, "It was just her time dear. Now lets go home. Daddy won't ever leave. He'll teach you everything you need to know." Having more meaning in his words than she knew.

She wept on his shoulder as he carried her home and put her back to bed. "Sweet dreams little one. Everything will be fine," he said softly and kissed her on the forehead, then blowing out the candle in her room and leaving the door a little bit open as he retreated to his room.

Rose cried softly, not really understanding her father's words to the other mazoku, but never forgetting them as she finally went into a deep sleep.

12 years later

"ROSE! Where have you been!? I had everybody, counting my dark lords, searching for you! You need more training," Shabrinigdo roared at her daughter as the 17 year old just stared at him with a smug grin.

"Oh, shut up father. Your acting like I'm a little kid again, " she rolled her eyes and turned her back on him, not really giving a shit what he thought.

Shabrinigdo grabbed her shoulder and turned her around and growled, "You will show respect to me Rose!"

Rose shoved his hand away from her, "Like hell I will! What are you going to do? Kill me like you did my mother!?"

Shabrinigdo gasped in surprise and stared at her, his red eyes glaring into her own.

She smirked, now knowing the words he spoke when she was five meant. She had never forgotten them. Never. Now, she understood their meaning. "Thats right father, your strong and powerful weapon, the one you could train to be more corrupted and evil like yourself. Well, I refuse to be apart of this game any more! Goodbye father! Now I get to go to a better place. Away from you!"

She stormed off, but Shabrinigdo stopped her, grabbing her arm and yelling, "Your not going anywhere! Do you understand!?"

She stared into his eyes and said, "Yes I am. Don't try to stop me either." She pulled her arm out and walked out the door, slamming it shut, and teleporting away for a new life.

Now, the 400 year-old Rose, stood straight up and turned as she heard the Inn door open and six members stepped out. Lina was the first in front, followed by the blonde swordsman, the chimera, the princess, the Gold dragon, and the mazoku priest. They stayed that way in a straight line facing Rose as Lina stepped forward.

Lina examined the woman carefully. Her red eyes stared back into hers, noticing her eyes seemed to glow red more than anything. Rose wore black leather pants that had a symbol of some sort going down the side of each pant leg. Her tight, leather shirt was black also, with the same symbol going down the side of the arms. She also had black boots with red gloves reaching her elbow. Of course having a sword with a black cassing and gold handle, with a red belt holding it on. Lina smirked. She already liked the girl. Except for the fact that she was built bigger in the chest area, which seemed everybody did compared to her. Her hair was about the same length as Lina's and she was only about two inches taller.

Lina walked up to her and said, "So, I guess you came to fight since I killed a part of your father. I'm I right?"

Rose smirked, stepped up closer and said, "No. Your wrong. I'm actually here to thank you and asking you to let me join your group."

That got a reaction out of all of them and Lina turned to her friends. "Well," Lina said, "What do you think guys?"

Firia snerred, "The daughter of HIM! No way! What makes you think..." Firia was cut off as Rose pulled out a necklace that was hidden in her shirt. On it was a silver wolf pendant and next to it was a golden dragon pendant.

"I'm half your kind. Now are you going to deny me?" She looked at Firia as Firia shook her head.

"No," Firia mumbled, "I guess I won't."

Zel just nodded, Amelia thought about it and gave in, Gourry... well... had no word in it at all, and Xellos was very pleased.

Lina smirked and turned back to Rose and said, "Welcome. Your part of the group."

She held out her hand and as Rose's hand met hers, a flicker of dark and light magic seemed to encircle their hands as they met.

Rose simply smirked and answered, "The pleasure is all mine."

She met everybody and shook their hands, the magic flicker doing it to all of them. As Rose got to Xellos, she stopped and said, "Oh, I already know this fruitcake. Long time, no see Metallium."

Xellos smirked and opened his eyes, grabbing her hand and kissing it lightly, "It has been a while."

Rose pulled away and smirked, "Yes it has."

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