Chapter 1

The cold library was silent. The old wood floors made eerie creeping sounds from time to time but other than that silence permeated the room. Books upon Books were stacked on dusty shelves.

Zelgadiss lounged on an old leather chair and flipped through the pages in a dusty book looking for a cure. The pages were wrinkled and aged with time. Outside a light powdery snow started to fall. Zel intently studied his book unaware of the world around him.

A door swung open, the bells attached to it jingling loudly. The wreath on the door rustled as the door was shut.

"Mr. Zelgadiss!", Amelia said as she walked up to the chimera. A happy smile was planted on her face. She was practically bouncing with excitement.

"I'm soooo excited! The gang's all going over to my uncle's Christmas party. We're going to have so much fun!"

Zel didn't look off from his book.

"No thanks...."

"Oh but you'll love it! There's going to be games, and food, and.....

"I said no", Zel said sternly and continued to read. Amelia's face started to fall.

"But Zelgadiss you'll love it. Lina and Goury are going to be there, and we're even going to pass out presents. Its Christmas Eve have some holiday spirit." Zel's patience wavered.

"Just leave me alone". Amelia latched onto Zelgadiss's arm.

"Come on Zel you'll have fun once you get there", Amelia said and tried to pull Zel from his sitting position.

"AMELIA I SAID NO!", Zel burst out uncharacteristicly; snapping.

Amelia jerked back in surprise. Hurt and anger registered on her face.

"Zel... you don't have to be so mean.," Amelia's eyes's started to water.

"I said leave me alone." Zel jerked his hand away. He opened up the book again. Amelia looked at him and struggled not to cry. Why did he have to be like this? Why???

"Well fine!", Amelia yelled back. Zel looked up taken aback.

"Stay alone with your precious books!," Amelia said bitterly. Hot tears streamed down her face. She looked at Zel with long pent up frustration.

"I'm tired of trying to reason with you. Go ahead stay alone with your books and "cures". The way you push people away that care about you, I wouldn't be surprised if you were left alone with your books... forever." Amelia said the last word bitterly.

She turned around abruptly and walked out of the room. The door slammed behind her. The wreath fell with a clatter. Holly berries scattered on the floor. The sound echoed through the empty room. Outside the snow fell silently blanketing the kingdom. Zel turned coldly back to his book. The snow continued to fall unheeded.

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