Chapter 1

Its true what people say. Ignorance is bliss. As Goury was finding out now. It was like your whole life you had been blind folded. That you had seen life through a protective blanket where only certain things were visible to you. The feeling was horrible.

Goury wasn't sure where he was. It was dark. A darkness so pitch black the mind could barley grasp it. A void where nothing lived. No light escaped. To his horror he felt the blackness seeping in him. Taking over his soul. He felt himself slipping. The darkness becoming one with him. "Oh gods what I have I done". If their were any gods listening. Which Goury certainly doubted.

The pain was unbearable. It permeated his very being. Part of his mind wondered how he could feel pain if he was dead, the other part was surprised he even made that asumption.

The blackness made almost made its way over his entire body and stopped halfway. The pain wasn't horrible was...enjoyable.

"Ack". Goury saw a burst of light. He opened his eyes and saw a blue person-like blur in front of his face.

"Ahh so your finally awake", the blur slowly solidified into the form of a young women.

Goury slowly tried to sit up. The room spun in a sickening way. Goury put a hand to his head and rubbed his temples. He looked around the room his eyes stung. He was laying in a enormous bed inlained with......bones?

"Why do my eyes hurt"?, Goury asked complexed.

"Because you never used them before". Goury looked up at the women in shock.

"Welcome my newborn servent".

Servent? Goury glanced to the right and his eyes met with a mirror. The person looking back at him was not one he was used to. The man had light blue hair, the same color of Dolphins running down his back. His eyes were what disturbed him most. The were pupiless; blue slitted eyes.

"Get up I have much to teach you," Dolphin said not unkindley. Goury made a move to get up and realized he wasn't wearing anything under the covers. He pulled the covers over his naked body.

"Oh I forgot". The young "women" laughed and a blush crept over her cheeks. "Here". She tossed him a pair of cloths. "Perhaps you should get dressed first. I'll wait for you outside". Dolphin slinked out of the room and shut the door behind her.

"This man will work out perfectly," she said to herself. She smiled seductivley and walked off to wait for her new servent. Her heels made clicking noises and echoed through the halls.

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