Can't Change Me


The song by Chris Cornell

This is a song fan fiction written about the anime slayers. It is supposed to be a sad romantic fic, so read on and tell me if you agree.

She can do anything at all

She is so full of fire.

She knows where she is going and where remembers everywhere that she has traveled.

I admire that. I never could get anything straight.

Have anything she pleases

She is so full of energy.

She knows exactly what she wants and goes through any means possible to obtain it.

I admire her goals. I never had any, except that one, but now that has been lost.

The power to change what she thinks is wrong

She is so full of hope.

She understands the reasons why problems are thrown at her and she is confident she will overcome them.

I admire that. I always doubted success, but never doubted her.

So what could she want with me

At first I understood why I followed her, but then that changed.

Then I understood why I never wanted to leave her.

I never saw her cry for me, yet I can feel her soul reaching out for what she missed, for me.

But wait just one minute here
I can see that she's trying to read me
Suddenly I know

She is so full of knowledge.

She always knew just what to do and knew exactly how to do it.

I wish I was like that. I was lucky if I could remember what was going on, but she would always explain to me where I could understand.

That is one of the things I always appreciated.

She's going to change the world
But she can't change me

She is a born leader.

She knew exactly how to get things done, by working together.

I respect that. Improvising was her strong point, but she loved the ideas that I sometimes had, sometimes.

She has the daylight at her command

She is so full of spirit.

Running from journey to journey was like running from candy store to candy store.

She has a passion for it. I miss that. There were always people to steal from and always an inn that didn't hear of us.

She has a knack for it; I came along for the ride.

She gives the night it's dreams

She has so much compassion.

Others only saw her hard shell exterior, but I knew how she really was, and I think she knew it as well.

I realized that. She had her reasons for her actions, but she shared her feelings with me from time to time, she trusted me.

She can uncover your darkest fear)
And make you forget you feel it

She can be so afraid.

She tries to hide it, but she feels she has to be strong no matter what, for us.

I knew when she was scared. There was no reason to cover it up from me.

I asked, she told me, my smile was her support.

But wait just one minute here
I can see that she is trying to free me
Suddenly I know

She is so full of anger.

She blames herself for things gone wrong.

She seems to take full responsibility even when it wasn't all her fault in the first place.

I couldn't change her mind. I tried to convince her otherwise numerous times, but she held onto things.

That made her strong. Most of the time it was my fault, she knew that, she didn't seem to care about that.

She's going to change the world
But she can't change me

She never stands still.

I admire her sense of adventure. She isn't one to be tied down in one place for too long.

I never wanted to keep her in any one place. That would extinguish her fire, which can never happen.

I would have never let it.

Suddenly I can see everything that's wrong with me
But what can I do?
I'm the only thing I really have at all

All she has is herself.

There is nothing that belongs to her, but she has everything in the world.

She has magic, she has intelligence, she has good friends, she had me, and she has my heart.

But wait just one minute here
I can see that she's trying to need me
Suddenly I know

I never understood her.

She had to know that I loved her.

I did everything but get down on my knees and pour out my heart to her, yet she never showed any signs of returning the feelings.

All I had to show for it were bruises and put-downs. I knew she didn't mean them, and I thought she didn't need me.

I was wrong. I can see her cry out for me now, but I can do nothing but sit by and watch.

She's going to change the world
But she can't change me
No she can't change me

I can tell she is thinking about me.

She says my name. Not out loud, but too herself.

She keeps moving, and I am still following her.

It will always be like this.

She doesn't need a guardian, he has been lost, but maybe one day she will find me again....


I hope it turned out all right. I bet you guessed who was talking.

It was written as if Gourry had been killed, but due to unfinished business he couldn't move on.

Guess what the unfinished business was??