I Guess I Need a New


This is from Lina's point of view. How do you think she would feel about traveling the same way all the time......

I guess I need a new profession.

This one is getting boring.

I have to give myself a change of pace.

The others won't mind, in fact, they just might want it as much as I do.

This will be great! Now all I have to do is figure out just what I want to change too??

This is harder than I thought.

I have been in the same routine for so long now that it is almost impossible for me to imagine myself doing anything different.

Have I become so predictable that even when I try something new, I end up back where I started??

This really has to change! I can't keep this up forever.

I bet everyone expects me too.

I am only human, how can I keep this pace up all the time.

I cannot possibly. Day in and day out the same old roads traveled, the same old haunts visited, the same old people following me around....

Why are they still following me around anyway??

Don't they have better things to do than to follow me around and help me live this monotony??

Well, at least they have something else they can be doing. I have nothing but this life to live.

It is strange, me thinking like this in all....

Maybe I have needed to ask myself these questions sooner?

Maybe I needed this for a while? Maybe....I need a life.

This one has gotten dried out. I am growing older by the day and I have nothing solid to grab onto anymore, no real goal.

How can this be? I used to have all the answers, I used to have all the plans laid out on the table for the world to see and share.

I used to not talk to myself....

He is staring at me again.

If he asks me another stupid question then I think I will just, I will just, just...well, I will just smack him over the head as usual and answer him.

See I can even see into the future now! No, no. It is just that bad.

Where there is no where else to go, where there is no one else to turn to, except the one that sticks around no matter how much abuse or no matter how boring things get.

Things are really dull. I can't help it.

If it were up to me then there would be an adventure everyday to go on, but it is not up to me, therefore we just keep walking down the same old paths to the same old towns.

The other two realized a while ago that there was something else they could be doing, so they left.

I am sure he has something else he could be doing right now. I am sure that it would be much more interesting than this relentless walking to nowhere pattern that we are in now.

I am sure of it.

He is so quiet. I have to turn around and check to see if he is still there sometimes because he is so quiet.

He is. I think he always will be. That has never changed. That is the one thing I am glad hasn't changed.

Everything else has to go, everything else has to change.......