Open Fields Closed Eyes: Alternate

He just stopped. Just stood several feet behind and stared at the ground. He has been quiet for a while now. Why?

"I am of no use to you anymore. You'd just be better off forgetting about me..."

He turned to walk away.

The wind picked up a little. The breeze blew her hair across her face and her cape to her side. She was struck silent...

How did it come to this?

Then in an almost whisper; "How can I forget about you, when you are all that I can think about."

The breeze continued on getting colder slowly in that open field. He slowly turned around, his hair blocking his face. She then saw something that caused her to lose all her senses. She saw him crying....

What brought this on?

He stood several feet away looking at her with those handsome blue eyes.

She said something that should have been said years ago. She felt the guilt of had holding it in for so long. She felt the tears coming. All her feeling out in the open she felt so venerable, and never so much more than at that moment.

No response.

She looked up slowly. The tears were blurring her vision. He was just standing there. Not moving, eyes closed, full of tears.

"Is it true?" He spoke to her. The wind blowing was no match for the depth of his voice.

"What I said? What I said about you being all I can think about?" She looked at him standing there. The wind was still blowing his hair across his face.

"Is it true?" He asked her again still standing several feet away.

She was silent.

Could it be true? Was it at the point where she couldn't live without him? The thought of him not being there was beginning to scare her. He was about to leave. Why? Could she admit why she didn't want him to go?

"Yes. It is true." She saw his face briefly from behind his blonde locks. She saw him smiling.

Could it be true? Was what he was hearing for real? Were her feelings the same as his? He needed to hear the words...

Her knees went weak. She fell to the ground and started to cry. She felt so weak.

"I love you. I always have. That is why I promised to never leave you. Why I promised to always guard over you, give my life in a second, but you never seemed to show any feelings back. I just assumed you didn't care one way or another if I was to leave." He was saying it. He was revealing his most heart felt feelings.

She got quiet.

He stood still.

Did I just hear him say, 'I love you'? He did. This is going to fast. Wait, no it's not. It feels like it has been forever. How long has he felt like this? He said he always has, but can it be true? I am so confused. Do I love him? Yes. I see now that I do, but will he stay or have I completely scared him off? I cannot hold back the tears anymore...

She continued to cry.

"Lina?" He said taking a step towards her.

"I don't want you to leave. I never want to see you leave. I...I...I love you Gourry. Why is it so hard for me to say this, when I realize now that I have wanted to it for so long?" She went silent, then looked up to see him standing over her. His warm smile made all her worries disappear. She stared to cry again, but for a different reason this time.

He bent down on one knee and put his arms around her. Seeing her like this he was no longer afraid of what 'might' happen. For once he understood exactly how she felt.

"Please say you'll stay." Then in a whisper, "I need you..."

He continued to hold her. She stopped crying, because there was no more need too.

"I won't leave. I will always be here by your side. I never break my promises."