A. Players MUST post at least once a week. This is on a per character basis. Each character needs to post regardless if the Rper is just one person. The Match Point week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. If a player has not posted within that time frame, they will be punished.

A player who does not post will be given a punishment at the beginning of the week. After two weeks of not posting, the player will be given a punishment and a warning. After three weeks of not posting, the player will be a given a punishment and a second warning. After the fourth, they will be kicked out of the game without notification.

B. Dungeon Master posts must always be followed promptly by a comment/post, as they will contain information about canon and/or important events.

C. Character interaction is up to the players. If you want to start an interaction, don't wait for the other player(s) to come to you.

D. All characters have a free hand in the day to day workings and interactions of their character, but major changes that affect more than your own character should be approved by everyone possibily involved. If this includes the entire cast, it must be cleared by the moderators first.

E. Should you have a character email, check them regularly, and always respond in-character to any messages you receive.

F. Do not "godmode" or "move" another character without the permission of the player or the moderators.

Livejournal Posting

A. Post in the appropriate journal -- Information that is relevant to all characters should be put into the community journal, match_point, as well as any OOC questions that affect most or all players.

B. Use lj-cut for private entries in your journal. This means use the lj-cut for private messages to other characters, or notices to the other players that do not require the notice of the entire community.

C. Commenting on others' journals are allowed as long as they are for public viewing. Please read the post very clearly. If there are indications that these posts are protected for certain users, for example [visible only to Tezuka and Oishi], then comments made by other characters are prohibited.

D. Role-Play logs (the Instant Messenger RP chat you had with other members) or snippets (for instance a history of your character's past) are posted to _deuce_. Please edit these logs as much as possible, editing out the OOC parts that are not relevant. RP logs, especially big event logs, are now required to have groups posting summaries for them. For example, the Christmas ball. The groups who generally stick together for the event will be required to post a brief summary of what happened to their characters in addition to the log posted. This is for FYI purposes, some people do not have the time to read the entire log at times.

E. Posts written in story form is a big NO. Let's be practical, nobody writes an entire journal entry talking about events in their life in story form. Unless you can think of a perfectly acceptable reason for why your character is doing this, post in the format that you would normally use for a journal. If you are worried about leaving out details which you would want others to know, then put in the role-play log or snippets.

F. Post should be written using correct grammar and spelling. ESPECIALLY use correct capitalization and punctuation. Also, please try not to use emoticons.

Match Point Group Events: The Whole RP

A. All group events will now only last ONE day. If a player has to leave, they must make an excuse for their character's exit. The group event will no longer attempt to accommodate everyone and will no long drag out events for weeks or months just so a 'dramatic moment' or the seventy-five things people wanted to do can be put into the RP. It doesn't matter who's modding the RP, who's attending, who's worked on it, or who's thought it up. ALL group events will last ONE day only. The end.


A. Everyone has a different perspective of a certain character. We ask that you respect your fellow roleplayers. If you do not agree with the roleplayer's treatment, you are allowed to express your opinion as long as it is in a civilized manner and in the right context.

B. Although we highly encourage surprising other players with random situations, please make sure that such events are trivial matters and will not affect the other players character (nor his/her storyline) in a big way. Otherwise, please consult with the player of the character concerned before proceeding to ensure that plotlines don't clash and that the other player agrees to the situation.


A. As expressed above, we have different perspectives on characterization. Moderators are willing to serve as an intermediary or judging party if there is a serious difference on how an event will be played out.

B. Roleplayers are restricted to one character only. (old players with two characters already are exempted from this rule since pulling out secondary characters would be detrimental to the whole game.) We are lightening this restriction if the character in question has not been applied for by anyone in months.