Submitting an Application to Match Point

Matchpoint is now closed and no longer accepting submissions.

If you would like to join Match Point, please send an email to ... :

1. Name

2. Character you are applying for

3. AIM screen name

4. Email address

5. Write a sample journal entry from the point of view of the character you are applying for about the first day of the tennis season. This may be the first day that Ryoma showed up at the Seigaku courts, or the first time that Fuji Yuuta came to practice with Sei-Rudolph. Write about what happened, any significant events, and what happened after the match, as well as characters you may have interacted with. If you are applying for a character who is not a regular on a tennis team, write about watching a tennis match or what your character did while tennis practice was occurring.

After Submission

After submission, the mods will review your entry and you will be contacted via AIM for a short interview.

This interview (most likely conducted by Steph) is merely to assure us that you are aware of the events that have occurred in Match Point (so there will be no unpleasant surprises for you) and that you can RP and have the time to be online to do so.