Shar Chin got revamped.

Feary Moon got revamped and got fics added.


Stormdancer got revamped and got new fics posted. Her fic is now officially complete. ^_^

As for my lack of posting this weekend: Web provider went down. After that little incident, I just decided to be a lazy-ass. ^^;;

Special note: Next week and the week after will have sporadic posting due to pre-final tests and then finals.


Zel-chan got revamped and got new fics posted.


Xellos no Miko got revamped, but nothing new was added.

Just as a note ... it seems like there won't be any new fics until I get to Stormdancer Yomochi. On the positive side, I have gotten to R in my Fanfiction Link checking. If all goes as it has been, hopefully I'll finish those within the month and can start updating the link section with new stuff again. ^_^

On the other aside; I'm the only one HTMLing and posting fanfiction.

Yet another aside: A person with this email address: Anita with email ahso76c81h84s@home.com emailed me with the 'Submit Slayers Fanfic' title. I got nothing in the actual email. Anita, if you were trying to send me something, I never got it. Please try again.

^^;; And I didn't update yesterday because I went to bed as soon as I got home. Tired and tooth hurt. insert Steph's dental rant, which readers can ignore Six shots until they could get it numb enough to drill and re-fill. Recurrant Decay!! o.O Ah well, at least now it's better. End Steph's dental rantings

........... why am I posting this here? ^^;;;


New fics by Silent Steel in Slayers Fanfiction.

So I skipped myself. No biggie, I'm making my very own page for my fics ... even if that may take a while. ^^;;


New fics by Elf From Space in Slayers Fanfiction.

White June updated.

Smoking Mirror updated.

I know, not much and it took me three days to do. What can I say? My hands hurt. I'm slow.

On the aside: For all those of you here for Slayers fanfiction: Recently, I've been posting only new authors due to the ease of adding them to the archive. Now, most of the new-new authors (ie, authors who send to me directly, not those who I post works from MLs) are from the last month (pretty current for me ^^;;) and I'm going to stop posting them for a little while. Instead, I'm starting right back at Page 1 of Fanfiction and going through each and every author, adding fics when fics need adding and revamping the fics/links/bios/synopses pages when necessary. I'll be doing one a day since this is slow, mouse intensive work.


*-* in such a good mood since she got a good grade on her test Hehehehehe ...

New author in Slayers fanfiction.

Sorry to say that my hands are hurting again. There may be another "break" week sometime in the recent future. We'll see.


^_^ I'm back. Tests are over, classes have been angsted over, time to live life like it should be lived. Without worry. ^_^

New author in Slayers fanfiction.

On the personal aside, I've been dragged into the MegaMan fandom by the ever-lovable Ruaki-chan, so ... er ... The Rufus Heart and Slayers Elseworld are on hold while I write these two fics that are kicking around in my brain.


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