Updated links in Ghost in the Machine. @.o Hiatus still applies.


Special Notice:

@.o Well, I keep trying to get an update and keep failing. It seems every moment I actually get a chance to sit down at the computer, it's because I either need to type something for school or to download my email so it won't bury me.

So, since it's mainly because end of term & finals is this next two weeks, I've decided to go on hiatus until May 8th, upon which day I will finish my last final exam. Until then my world revolves around school and work and that's about it. I can't guarantee I'll get to the computer (even though I keep trying) until then and I don't like leaving everyone hanging if I know it's unlikely that I'll get anything done.

Che. Even now I'm all verbally disjointed. ^^;;

See ya in two and half weeks!


New fics in Smoking Mirror.


New fics by Ladyglen in Slayers fanfics.

New fics and a new link in Ghost in the Machine.

New links and banner in White June.

Three new doujinshi in F(4), F(5), and U-Z in On Silk Screens.


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