Shock and amazement! I have updated Anime Fanfiction Links. @.o Remember why I stopped doing it too ... lotsa hand pain for just five links. Drat it all.

So, since it got updated, Smoking Mirror's links got updated too.

Next up is the Slayers links. ^^; Might as well, right?


Finally! I got a winamp skin to post! ^_^ And since that section last got updated in May, it got immediate attention. While I had Photoshop up anyway to get that ready for posting, I decided to go ahead and clear out the fanart submissions for White June -- so White June got updated today. Ah, the convoluted process of my mind. @.o

Yes, I know I'm late for an update. Why? I'm working on a brand new addition to the page -- a page all of my own where I can put up any and all writings, art, babble, and random stuff I do. ^_^


New fics by Ashe in Slayers Fanfiction.

Oi! ^_^ I am off to Otakon for the weekend, I shall return to posting on Monday. Hehehehe ... I'm going as Sanji from One Piece and Reno from FF7 ... I was tempted to go as Valgarv as well, but I was sorta lazy this week and didn't fix up that old costume. Oh well. Anyway! Be back later! Have fun all!


White June updated with fanfics.

Answering Note to the Below Notes:


White June and Smoking Mirror updated with fics. They've also have the submission/FAQ update that the main page has gotten. ^_^

Oh yes, and from here on out I don't update on Sundays. As per usual. ^-^

Other Notes:


New fics by Mystix.


New fics by Zoe.


@.o Yes, I have returned!! I live, I breath, all is well with me!!

Lotsa misc. crap got updated. All sorts of little stuff. New page though: Site Map.

Smoking Mirror and White June got updated, plan to update Fanfiction tomorrow as well as put up a personal page later on this week (or next).

The DR list moved to yahoo. I think I switched everyone over, but if I haven't ... ^^;; you'll have to do it yourself.

Bleh ... braindead ... still thinking with jetlag ... so I'll chatter something tomorrow instead. ^^;; Yeah.


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