Five new doujinshi (F2 and F5) in On Silk Screens.


Whew ... lotsa little details this time!

New fanart by Kourin in White June.

New Harry Potter doujinshi in On Silk Screens.

Pruned and put up new links in my Favorite Links in Star Well.

Updated the email address, name, and webpage on Shoujo Senshi (now ShoSen) in Slayers Fanfiction.

Added a clique for VileX in the Execution Denied section of Ghost in the Machine. Also added some links.

Added a new item to the info section of the main site and the three sub sites.


Colors of the Win updated.


^_^ Completed my 'for sale' page in "i exist". This'll be the last update until I get over having my wisdom teeth removed @.o. Probably be gone a week at worst estimate.


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