White June Updated. Call it my Christmas gift to you all. An extra update. ^_^


New fics by Shikari-chan, formerly known as Luna Inverse. Jilli email address has changed. See the Update Log if ya want all the details. Remember! Update Log gives a list of all new fics going back several months.

White June Updated.


New fics by Meeshy. See the Update Log if ya want all the details.

Winamp Skins updated.

White June Updated.

Added special credits into the disclaimers. IE, who does fanart for what page and so on. ^_^


New fics by Emperor's Sis. See the Update Log if ya want all the details.


Email Change

My email is no longer It is now

If anyone sees a broken link: TELL ME!!!! EMAIL! PLEASE!


Everything has gotten a facelift. The only exception to this rule is a the Slayers Fanfiction Synopsis and the Slayers fanfics themselves. I ran out of time, so these will be dealt with slowly every time I update. Only Suboshi's No Where missed a facelift. ^^

Everything has a color theme. White June is green, Darkness Rising is red, and Smoking Mirror (formerly Shinra Inc) is blue. Everything kinda matches everything else. ^^* Darkness Rising is the parent page for everything else.

Darkness Rising:

Now accepts all fanfiction, not just Slayers. Also, Slayers fanfiction has been seperated from other fanfiction. Archive@Darkness.Rising is the Fanfiction Index. All fanfiction and affiliates of fanfiction, like Synopsis and Cross Reference is there. Major authors with more than fifty fics get their own page. ^_^ Due to the fact of a few people commenting, I added an update log to Slayers Fanfiction. It will have a detailed list of authors and fics that have been updated as well as a date as to when they were added.


I accept pretty much any sort of fanfiction link, any Weiss link, any Shinra link, and any Slayers link. Links get no explanation now. It should be self expanatory. Also, Anime Fanfiction Links is in the process of being checked for broken links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Winamp Skins:

It has become like all other pages, basically only a facelift.

Submissions & FAQ:

Please Read, they have changed.

White June:

Face lift. That pretty much covers it.

Smoking Mirror:

Face lift and complete revamp. Check it out.


I will now only be updating once a week on Friday night. Why? My hands hurt like hell. They hurt alot. Alot, alot, alot. ^^*** I can't keep updating daily, so I need to slow down for a while. Sorry.

Sadly, this was done quickly at the last minute so it's no where near as detailed as I wanted, but it will have to do. ^^*


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