New fics by Theria in Fanfiction.
Revamped the YL Fanfiction Archive to the YYL Fanfiction Archive and decorated!
Updated FAQ, Submissions, The Library of Past and Present, and incorperated Lemon Policy into the YYL Archive.
This site is now StoFF! Stolen Fanart Free. See the bottom of the links page for a link to the official StoFF Homepage.

Updated Shinra Inc and Links Pages.

Two new author and new fics by Anna in Fanfiction.
>.< I really hate papers ... and this one really ate my time this week. grrrrr

One new author and new fics by Val Gaab and Meddler in Fanfiction.

Updated White June.

Two new authors and new fics by Meeshy in Fanfiction.

Updated Shinra Inc.
Two new authors and new fics by Thrythlind in Fanfiction.

Updated Shinra Inc and fixed a name in Fanfiction.
For the remnants of this semester, I won't be updating on Mondays or Wednesdays. Why? Here's my schedule:
    8 am - 9:30 am: get up, eat, get ready, leave, drive to internship
    9:30 am - 2 pm: internship
    2 pm - 4 pm: eat, do homework, get ready, leave for work
    4 pm - 9 pm: work
    9 pm - 10 pm: eat and go to bed
In short, I'm barely home, let alone have time for the page. ^^**

Two new authors and new fics by Ashe in Fanfiction.

New fics by Miss Nightfall, and Silver Angel in Fanfiction.
Updated White June.

One new author and new fics by Anji, Elizabeth McDaniel, and Emperor's Sis in Fanfiction.

New fics by mysticdragon3 in Fanfiction.
O.o Tests, tests, and all-dayers ... gawd ... busy week. Gomen nasai for not updating!! I'll make it up!!

Devised a method to link directly to the author for easy update access per request. ^_^
Two new authors and new fics by Mystix in Fanfiction.
Updated White June.

Changed background. Courtesy of Silvestris. Color adjustment of original image by me.
New fics by Hawk and Ashvolt in Fanfiction.

>.< Bleh, my nasty wrist problem has been acting up lately. But I've found something that stops the pain enough to write/update/ect! YAY! rejoices
New fics by Nicole and Ledy Glen in Fanfiction.
The background for this page will be changed tomorrow. ^^

Yup! I revamped! You like?
New fics by Alyson and Laila in Fanfiction.
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Darkness Rising's Mailing List is a new page.
DR has an offical artist! Say hi to Bevin!


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