White June: More doujinshi scans and fanfiction.


White June: More doujinshi scans. Sadly, no ficcies. I was supposedly doing homework, which ended up as a three hour Channel 8 marathon over interesting topics such as cancer research, Egyptian research, and finally, how the concept of 'King Cool'. I guess it's a better excuse for lazyness than Star Trek, Dark Angel, and Diagnosis Murder. ^^*****


This week is White June week~! From today to Thursday, I'll be posting at White June. On Friday, it'll be an only Slayers/Final Fantasy post. ^_^

White June Today: New author and new section for doujinshi scans! Enjoy!.


Okay, I only updated White June. I threw out some hopeful requests in the hope to get some FF7 fics and some Mighty Duck fics for the Non-Anime fanfic section. I just didn't feel like doing any Slayers fics tonight, especially since I updated that section all week. And, darkness Rising got an award!!! YAY!

Special Note: To the people who signed my guestbook in hopes of getting the author's permission to post on the "Untitled" Gundam Wing fic: I have not been able to get in touch with the author, sorry.


Three new authors in Slayers Fanfiction. As for me ... I'm going to be very, very, very busy with studying for the next couple of days, so if Friday's update turns out to be small everyone now knows why. And as per usual ... no updates on the weekend. ^_^


New author in Slayers Fanfiction. Updated my Favorite Links in Star Well. ^_^ In short, I added a couple links, got rid of anything that wasn't working, or changed names/links for those sites who have moved or revamped.


New author in Slayers Fanfiction. Today's just ... bleh ....


New author in Slayers Fanfiction. Wow! I'm on schedule! *-* It's pretty cool, I'm hoping to do this this way for a couple weeks if I get lucky. Small updates Monday through Thursday and my biggie on Friday. Weekends off. 'Tis my hope and my goal ... ^^* I'll shut up now.


Three new authors in Slayers Fanfiction.

White June updated with fanart and fis.

^_^ No updates for the weekend, but I hope to make an update on Monday. crosses fingers with hope


Post-V-day fics! A fic by Theria and two Weiss Kreuz fics in White June. What can I say? There were more V-day fics, but my hands held up for only three of them. Sorry, everyone.


New author in Slayers fanfiction!

Plans for the rest of the week: I want to put up some Valentine fics tomorrow for those "post-V-day blues". There'll probably be about three. For Friday, there'll be a usual Friday update. I'm taking the weekend off and hope to make a another post on Monday. If all goes well, maybe I can go back to updating daily, but nobody count on that. ^^*


New author in Slayers fanfiction! Yeah! Three updates in three days! Cool! ^^* It's sad how excited I get over this kind of continuity.

Fixed Stars in Anime Fanfiction. Sorry Tochira!!


New author in Slayers fanfiction! ^^* Okay, so I was feeling super productive today! Got many thing accomplished (outside of the webpage, that is)! Whoo! Go Steph!

Looking for a nice V-day image for the main page ... ::flashes puppy eyes::


One new author in Slayers fanfics!

New fic in Anime fanfiction.

White June updated.

Smoking Mirror updated.

New Valentine theme for White June and Smoking Mirror, which will most likely be tweaked this week.

Added a credits page.


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