Eight new authors and new fics by Ophelia in Slayers Fanfiction.


Fifteen new authors in Slayers Fanfiction. Did a slight adjustment to the fic distribution since I made a mistake in counting last week, but we're definitely into Page 8 now.


Nine new authors and new fics by Mette in Slayers Fanfiction. Also, there's been a new author added to Original Fiction.

Reorganized the Slayers fanfiction pages so that there are fourty authors per page. This end up with us having seven pages instead of six.


Been rather busy this week, so only updated one author.

New fics by Shadowdancer in Slayers Fanfiction. I would like to express my extreme apologies to Shadowdancer. I was for the longest time under the impression that this was a NEW author, when in fact, it was a very old one, and ended up shunting her works to the back of my very long update list (1000 emails still need to be completed) instead of placing it closer to the front.


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