New fics by Elizabeth Smith in Slayers fanfics.

And Fanfiction Page 3 is now completely revamped and I'm breaking away from the Slayers updating to work on the new Rockman page.

Once more I ask if anyone finds the Slayers Links Page on Star Well useful. If not, I'm gonna delete it. SPEAK or forever hold you peace.


New fics by Pen in Slayers fanfics.


New fics by Mystix and Rei Jarren in Slayers fanfics.


New fics by Mystix in Original@Fan.Fic.

Okay! Here's the summary of my plans for the month. I'm gonna finish revamping/updating Slayers Fanfiction Page 3. Then I'm going to take a short break from that ongoing work (which I want to have completed by A-kon -- I want all these backlogged fics posted!! Yes! It will be done!) to work on the new Rockman fansite, which I want done by February. ^_^

I also want to start work on going through the Slayers links and getting them checked for broken links and just plain updated. But before I start that I want to know if anyone actually finds them useful. If not, I'm thinking about just scrapping the whole section and putting something else up. So, if anyone likes it, give a shout and TELL me!!!


Took a break from Slayers fanfic updating to update the Anime Fanfiction Links instead. ^_^


New fics by Meeshy in Slayers fanfics.


Work today: I papercutted two fingers, smashed two in the ladder, and got blisters on the rest.

Effect: Can barely type. Will update as soon as I can. Sorry!


New fics by Mizel in Slayers fanfics.


New fics by Silvernyte and mysticdragon3 in Slayers fanfics.

On Silk Screens is updated with new Rockman doujinshi.


Updated Fanfiction Page 3 in Slayers, but it was only cosmetic changes. I was engaged in hanging out with my family and playing a whole lot of Golden Sun.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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