Two new authors and a new link in White June.

Plan on schedule, plan on schedule. ::wears hard hat and pumps fist:: Links, Doujinshi, Son Gosai, and Smoking Mirror ~ !


New author and new links in Ghost in the Machine.

See former updates for more of "the plan". ^.~


New fics by Hawk Shadowharper.

Also, Hoyden has been removed from the archive per her request. We'll miss her.

Still following the plan~! Next up is Rockman, White June, Links, Doujinshi, Son Gosai, and back to getting on with the updating of the Slayers fics.


New fics by Relm the Wanderer and new authors, which are all her cohorts, updated and added in right behind her. ^_^

@.o; Plan for the following weeks: Hawk, Rockman, White June, Links, Doujinshi, and then back to the fics.


New doujinshi under G-P and F(5) in On Silk Screens.

STILL working on Relm the Wanderer. I refuse to update seriously until I finish her. Almost done, almost there, just a few more fics to go. ::dies::


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